Common Grant Management Pitfalls and How To Avoid Them

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Make grant management a priority for your organization. If you want to ensure greater productivity and fewer errors, consider investing in a management solution. Here are common grant management mistakes and how the right management system can address each one. Lack of Internal Controls Follow your grant management process. Are there internal controls to map it [...]

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Why Do Corporate Giving Programs Need Grant & Scholarship Software?

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The pandemic has impacted how scholarship management works. From keeping track of the funding progress and connecting with stakeholders to efficiently delivering funding to students, there was a need to move away from manual and paper processes. With teams working hybrid or remotely, they had to find a way to centralize the data and integrate everything [...]

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Why You Need A Scholarship Management System

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A scholarship management software system is a digital application system institutions use to manage their scholarship programs. Most institutions opt for this system due to the need to achieve efficiency. This is because institutions are looking to reduce email flooding, reduce data entry and stop the search for attachments. These reasons are compelling enough to make [...]

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Best Scholarship Management Software 2022

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Education costs are increasing daily, and students are becoming vulnerable with limited options to fund their studies. Fortunately, the private and public sectors have come up with scholarships that have helped create several opportunities for deserving students. As a result, scholarship management tools have become essential to ensure that scholarship programs run smoothly and accordingly. As [...]

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Grant Management Best Practices

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A grant management system is undoubtedly essential. A grant management system supports an organization in getting grant money in the best possible way. It also helps manage financial and program needs throughout the grant's lifecycle. When managing business processes, the correct grants software may relieve grant personnel of the load. This is by automating the main [...]

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How To Manage Grants For Non-profit

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Effective grant management is critical to a non-profit’s fundraising efforts. On the other hand, budgeting, tracking, reporting, and managing grants may become daunting tasks. Moreover, they divert valuable staff time and resources away from the more vital work at the heart of your organization. Nevertheless, the grant management process is the norm for how organizations select [...]

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Effective Grants Management

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The entire grant management lifecycle might be intimidating, especially for a small team starting a new program. However, with the correct tools and processes in place, you can operate an effective program that accomplishes your purpose while keeping your sanity. Here are some tips for achieving effective grant management. 1. Make your vision a reality. Much [...]

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Best Grants Management Software for Nonprofits

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There are many different grants management software for nonprofits, but which is the best? The grant management software market is huge, and it's easy to get lost. This article has narrowed down to these top-rated grant management software for nonprofit development departments. Let's get started. There are several different types of grant management software available for [...]

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What Are Common Features Of Grant Management Software?

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Grant management software has become an integral part of the grant process. It helps to run and maintain applications, track expenditure and monitor compliance with government guidelines. Many of these systems are designed to be web-based and can be accessed through Internet on a real-time basis. There is such a huge demand for these programs that [...]

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How Do Grants Work For Nonprofits

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Grants are a form of nonprofit financing organizations can get to help support their work. As part of their funding strategy, many nonprofits will decide to apply for grants from foundations and other external sources. Grants can be tricky to navigate. You might have a lot of questions and not know where to start. That's why [...]

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