Streamlining Grant Management Solutions For Local Government Agencies

Managing a grant for a local government can easily become a logistical challenge without the correct software in place. At ZoomGrants, we have extensive experience in serving in the public sector, including creating grant management solutions for federal, state, and local governments.

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An Easy Application Process

Our grant management solutions for local government agencies make it easy to create the application required for the specific grant program. Our software makes it easy to customize the application to change the form and style of questions based on the information required.

Applications are intuitive to use and allow for the secure uploading of documents with the application process. The system even notifies the committee members when a new application is received.

Review and Post-Decision

ZoomGrants grant management software for local governments automates the process, reducing the time and cost of administering these grants. Our system will filter and review applications, complete weighted scoring or ranking, and record votes and decisions by the committed.

The local government grant management continues in the post-decision period, providing tracking, contract management, progress reporting, and data analytics throughout the project. We also make it easy to prepare and print publicly viewable data and to ensure data is backup and shared as needed.

Choosing our single-platform grant management software for local governments is the best way to streamline the time, work, and costs of administering these grants over their full life cycle.

To find out more about the benefits of ZoomGrants grant management software, call us at (866) 323-5404 x102 or reach us online.

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