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Adding comprehensive college scholarship management software makes it easier for college-bound students and grant administrators and committees to manage the process. ZoomGrants provides a full range of customizable tools and solutions to simplify and streamline the college scholarship application process.

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Custom Application

Create a Custom Application

Our college scholarship management system makes it easy for your committee to create a custom application for each scholarship. We even provide the option to create templates that can be used each year, saving time and money while also targeting the specific students that are best suited for the scholarship funds.

We offer multi-lingual translations, a variety of question options, and the ability for prospective students to upload documentation through the application. The application is easily added to your current website and is available 24/7 throughout the application timeline. With automatic reporting when applications are received, there is enhanced transparency and automation to reduce the complexity of the administration of college scholarships.

Intuitive to Use

ZoomGrants online college scholarship application software is intuitive for students to use. Making it easy to apply while obtaining the necessary information attracts the right candidates while also reducing the number of incomplete applications.

Online college scholarship management software provides full service from the application through to the post-decision and reporting periods. This includes tracking payments, analysis of performance data, and the review and reporting on the administrative side of the scholarship program.

To find out more about the customization and efficiency of our college scholarship management software, reach us at (866) 323-5404 x102 or send us an online message.

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