Customizable Grant Management Software For Health Care Initiatives

One of the most effective ways to stimulate innovation and new ideas in health care is to create grants and fund research and development. In some areas, medical grants may also be effective in providing medical care in underserved areas or with specific populations. Having a single software program to manage the grant process is a cost-effective and time-saving solution.
ZoomGrants recognizes that grant management software for medical foundations cannot be not a single software program. We have created a fully customizable set of grant management tools allowing complete administrator management throughout the entire life cycle in one software solution.

Management Software for Foundations
Application Management Software For Nonprofits

Grant Management for Medical Organizations

We make it easy for medical organizations to develop their own unique grant application and accept applications from their existing website. Through customized questions, the ability to upload documents, and an intuitive application process that is easy for grant applicants, we make the process easy for everyone.

ZoomGrants grant management software for health care organizations provides all the tools needed to administer the grant throughout its life cycle. This includes secure access for committee members to review applications, voting, and making decisions. It also includes a range of communication and tracking tools to ensure all deadlines, grant requirements, and progress documentation can be uploaded and monitored to streamline the administration process.

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