Administrating Fellowship Grants For Graduate Students

There are multiple ways to structure fellowship grants. Fellowship grants programs are common for both post-graduate as well as undergraduate levels of study. Some fellowships are a single term or an academic year, while others may include multiple years of funding based on meeting specific performance measures.

The variety of different fellowships means that having a versatile, flexible, and intuitive software platform for grant administrators to use helps reduce time and costs. It is also critical to be able to create templates and develop repeatable fellowship grants that lead to a more streamlined and efficient process the next time.

Fellowship Grants For Graduate Students
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The ZoomGrants Solution

We have a comprehensive software solution to manage fellowship grants for graduate students or for undergraduate studies. Our software is fully customizable, allowing grant administrators to structure the questions on the application for graduate fellowships to reporting out the data after the fellowship is completed.

The fellowship grants programs we offer contain all the tools and features required to develop the application, complete the review and decision-making process, and then provide the management, tracking, and reporting required for the post-decision period.

Having everything in one software solution is not only efficient, but it also ensures that the process remains consistent and makes it easy to report public data. Our system can run concurrent programs and provides the automation needed to ensure compliance and manage all necessary performance data through a fully customized workflow dashboard.

If you administer graduate fellowships, call ZoomGrants at (866) 323-5404 x102 to discuss how we can help. We are also available online to answer your questions or provide additional information.

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