Simplify The Management Of Grants By Public Agencies

To be considered a public grant, the grant must be funded by tax dollars. There are many different agencies in the government that have grant opportunities, with each agency having a different focus and grant criteria.

Most public grants are designed to provide services, education, or support for specific issues relevant to some of the population. This could include grants for educational projects, small business ownership, or even for affordable housing. These public grants for nonprofits may be offered at the local, state, or federal level.

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Streamlining the Management of Public Grants

Grants by public agencies require specific types of features. This includes reporting, data collection and analysis, transparency, and the ability to communicate with all stakeholders in the grant, including the grantees.

ZoomGrants offers a fully customizable software solution that public agencies and organizations across the country currently use. Our software is packed with the tools needed in all stages of the grant life cycle. With our end-to-end software, it is easy to customize the application process, review submissions, notify about official decisions, and then complete all administration and management processes until completed.

We know the work involved in attempting to manually process applications for public assistance grants. Our software automates and streamlines the process while also building transparency and communication opportunities for all involved.

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