Supporting Distribution Of The American Rescue Plan Funding

COVID-19 caused significant financial damage across the country. The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, also known as ARPA, is designed to provide $350 billion in funding at state and local levels.

Cities and counties are invited to apply for American Rescue Plan funding. Cities will have access to $65 billion, divided between Community Block Development Grant jurisdictions and others. Counties will also divide $65 billion based on the specific population and if the county is a CBDG recipient.

Federal American Rescue Plan
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Using Funds From the Federal American Rescue Plan

The American Rescue Plan Grant funds can be used to supplement lost revenue during the COVID-19 health emergency based on the funds collected the year prior to COVID-19.

The funds can also be used to provide assistance to small businesses, industries, or households struggling to recover economically. Infrastructure for water, sewer, and broadband, as well as essential worker premium pay, can also be addressed through the fund.

Needless to say, the application and management of this program are complicated and complex unless you have the right system in place.

ZoomGrant Solutions for Managing Applications

The American Rescue Plan Grant generates a staggering number of applications. Our Online Application Management System makes it easy to administer the funding program using streamlined and highly efficient technology.

The ZoomGrant Online Application Management System allows applicants to submit their applications customized to your specific needs. Once submitted, your team can review the application in real time, score the application, and make a recommendation. Administrators have access to review the recommendations and communicate through the system.

Finally, the funding recipients can use the system to submit the required documentation, reports, and invoices linked to the original application for ease of management and monitoring.

To learn more about streamlining the American Rescue Plan program, talk to the experts at ZoomGrants. For more information, contact our sales team at 866-323-5404 X102.

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