Outstanding Grant Project Management Software

When offering grants or scholarships is part of your daily grind, having an easy way to perform management duties is critical in achieving success. ZoomGrants is a completely online platform that makes grant management easy, allowing you to quickly and easily set up your funding opportunities and manage them in a streamlined way. Created to be robust yet user friendly, our team provides valuable support at every step of the grant fund management process. In just a few clicks, you can set up your grant cycles, incorporate application requirements into forms onto your website and view the progress of your campaign with comprehensive records all in one place.

Managing Grant Funds the Easy Way

With ZoomGrants, it is easy to perform grants management from anywhere. Simply sign up, then create and customize your funding program before adding your application forms to your website. Your applicants can send in their grant proposal and proper documentation and you can view applications in real time as they are submitted. We also make it easy to add committee members for review of applications, fostering collaboration at every step of the process. Our user-friendly interface is backed by our customer service, providing support throughout the process.

See How You Can Simplify Your Grants Management Today

Whether you want to set up emergency management grants, or you want to manage your scholarship opportunities, ZoomGrants provides a more streamlined approach that offers value to your business or organization. To find out more about our grants and funds management platform, reach out to us today at (866) 323-5404.