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Private grants are a popular option for businesses, organizations, agencies, clubs, and even large or small private companies. As there is no government or public sector funding or affiliations with these grants, the private entity can tailor the grant to the specific target applicants or desired outcomes for the funding.
Depending on the specific goals for the funds, these grants can go to individuals or they can be designed as private grants for nonprofits, which typically includes higher-value grants for larger types of projects, services, or benefits.

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Customizing the Experience

ZoomGrants grants management software for private companies provides the customization level to make the entire process tailored to your needs. This includes adding the format and type of grant application questions you want to ask to pinpoint the target applicants.

We offer multi-lingual translations, upload of documents, and all the tools needed for the grant review committed to review, vote, and make a decision. From there, our software allows the grant administrator to manage all aspects of the ongoing tracking and recording required by the private funder or stakeholders in the project.

As grants by private agencies often have unique reporting, tracking, and monitoring requirements, our system is adaptable to any grant funding specifications. We provide exceptional technical and customer support as you use ZoomGrants software. Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy to get your grant application online, and the process started with a minimum time requirement.

When you want the premier grants management software for private grants, turn to the services and software offered by ZoomGrants. To find out more, send us an online message or call us at (866) 323-5404 x102.

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