A Turnkey Grant Management Solution For Arts

The Arts is one sector that is driven by grants. At ZoomGrants, we understand that grants for Arts projects are ongoing and range from smaller local grants to grants offered by international foundations and organizations.

Each of these grants has different criteria for the application, evaluation, award, and funding. At ZoomGrants, we offer comprehensive grant management software for Arts that can be completely customized to your needs.

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A Complete Grant Management Solutions for The Arts

We provide a grant management solution for arts and culture funders that is designed to encompass your unique application criteria. The grant management software allows your grant manager or funding team to design a custom application that is intuitive for applicants to complete and submit, all from your website.

The grant management solution for arts projects then manages all aspects of the process. This includes collecting the data, processing the applications, managing the applications, and providing all the reports you need. Additionally, our grant management software for the Arts also creates necessary invoices, tracks the awards, and offers analytics to help evaluate the process for the development of future grants.

This is completed through a user-friendly dashboard that provides a grantee portal and reviewer portal to increase transparency and the seamless awarding and monitoring of the grant. With full customer support and assistance, our software makes it easy to be effective and efficient even with large grant projects.

For more information on our fully customizable grant management solution for arts and culture funders, reach our sales team at (866) 323-5404 x102 or send us an online inquiry.

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