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The responsibility of a grant administrator is immense, they are tasked to manage and create language in an application that helps find the most deserving applicants. These managers understand the grants they award can help change lives.

Your organization prides itself on making a difference in people’s lives with funding opportunities and grant money– but is your grant software up to the task?

The organizations that manage grants enjoy tremendous gratification in making a difference in people’s lives with funding opportunities and grant money. However, there is one area that is critical to the success of the organization and the professional well-being of the administrator and it’s working efficiently. When the application, review, and distribution process is efficient everyone benefits from the deserving applicant to the hard-working grant professional.

If your organization is using a budget grant management program or another open-source grants management software, you likely are not getting everything you need out of your grants management system. At ZoomGrants, we are confident that you will agree that we offer the top grant management software available based on features and grant management functionality alone!

grant management software
Grant Management Software
grant management software
Grant Application Process

Designed with Your Applicants in Mind

How intuitive are the application forms for your current grant program applicants? If you are using other dedicated grant management systems, the answer is likely not very. Grant management can be complex, so let us handle every facet of grant management with you, making it easier for grant review and grants distribution.

At ZoomGrants, we do not just want you to feel great about the way you manage grant records once you have received submissions. We want you to love the applicable grant opportunities you send out – and we want the grant application process to be easy for your applicants, too. We support even federal pass-through grant programs and foundational grants, and are designed to assist you at every stage of the grant management process.

grant management software provides

That is why our online grant management software provides the assets for users like you to fully create and customize intuitive, user-friendly applications that yield the information your grant managers request, and appeal to interested potential recipients throughout the grant process- all the way from compliance management through awarded grants.

That is why our online grant management software provides the assets for users like you to fully create and customize intuitive, user-friendly applications that yield the information that meets your internal grants procedures while appealing to potential recipients. A thorough and smart grant process – all the way from compliance management through awarded grants is a desired result for any grant professional.

Making it easier to attract the right kind of application submissions is a common goal for grant managers? That is all part of our full-service online grant management through ZoomGrants!

grant management software


Organizations use grant management software to streamline grant processes, automate tasks, enhance collaboration, and make data-driven decisions. It improves efficiency, transparency, and the overall effectiveness of managing grants.
The grant management cycle, facilitated by ZoomGrants, encompasses grant identification, application submission, review, award, monitoring, reporting, and evaluation. It ensures efficient and effective grant program execution.
No, ZoomGrants is versatile and serves government agencies, corporate foundations, and nonprofits alike. Its capabilities streamline grant management processes for a wide range of organizations, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.
ZoomGrants offers essential grant management features: automated workflows, document storage, collaboration tools, real-time reporting, and data analytics. It empowers organizations to efficiently manage the grant lifecycle and make informed decisions.
Yes, ZoomGrants is highly customizable. It allows organizations to tailor workflows, forms, and settings to match their specific needs and grant management processes, ensuring a flexible and adaptable solution.
ZoomGrants prioritizes security, offering robust data protection, encryption, and compliance with industry standards. Organizations can trust that their sensitive grant data is safeguarded while using the software.
Selecting the ideal grant management software, like ZoomGrants, involves assessing your organization’s specific needs, considering features like automation, reporting, customization, and evaluating compatibility with your workflows for a seamless fit.
Yes, ZoomGrants is a cloud-based grant management software, offering the advantages of accessibility, scalability, and data security through the cloud. It simplifies grant management for organizations of all sizes.

Great for Your Team, Too

While we put a lot of focus on creating a great experience for your external users (grant applicants), our real mission is to make things easier for your team through our product. Our grant management software package was made to serve your organization and eliminate manual processes in real-time – regardless of size. The integrated grant management system offers all the tools you need to collect, process, and manage grant application forms and awards effectively and effortlessly, saving valuable administrative time on application grant management tasks for your grants specialist team.

From the first stages of application development and through every subsequent stage of the grant lifecycle, including fund activities, our grant management software is the portal you need to create the applications that will secure worthy grant recipients. From there, the online grant management system can create invoices, track payment of awards, and even create accurate post-funding, analytics-driven reports.

Our platform, complete with a reviewer portal, grantee portal, full reporting capabilities, and more, provides you with the tools to handle every step of your philanthropic mission– and make everything easier for administrative users than you could have imagined!

Grant funding programs can be life-changing for the people they are awarded to. Do not let something that important fall through the cracks – or overwhelm your team in managing the full grants management lifecycle! Plus, one of our key features is customer support, email tools, and online tutorials, so whenever you have grants management questions, our staff is here for your team, throughout the entire grant lifecycle. Let our grant application management dashboard help you continue to make a difference by making a difference in how you work!

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