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Unleash the Power Of Grants With Grantmaking Software

Finding the best software for grantmakers streamlines the process and ensures a smooth operation when it comes to the administrative lifecycle of the grant management process.

Whether you need grant management software for non-profits or other organizations, ZoomGrants offers innovative, customizable solutions to meet your needs. We promise state-of-the-art technology paired with exceptional service to help you customize applications, review them, and decide where to distribute grant awards with user-friendly features and an all-in-one software suite that manages your grant management processes.

Software for Grant Makers
Custom Grant Making Software
Software for Grant Makers

Simple Pricing for Customizable Grant Management Software

Our grant management software offers robust features with powerful administrative tools that simplify the grant awarding process. We use a simplified pricing model for our software for grant makers, offering transparency and affordability with optimal customizability. Our grantmaking software saves money in the long run, eliminating paper costs and streamlining the process to minimize the man-hours required to process grant applications. Our grant management software solution is the easiest to use, most affordable, and offers excellent customer service and extensive reporting features to ensure you make the most impact with your grant programs.

Complete The Grant Management Process Entirely Online

Our grantmaking software for nonprofits and other organizations ensures you can complete the entire process online, from setting up and accepting customizable application forms to tracking progress on grant-funded projects. Our software is customizable, giving you greater control over applications and how you process them. The innovative features allow you to mold the software for grant makers to suit your specific purposes and ensure ease of use for applicants and processors. We’re dedicated to offering the highest level of customer service and enterprise-grade security with robust software to fit your requirements. Schedule a demo with our team today!

Software for Grant Makers

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