Managing grant applications is no easy task. If you don’t want to spend countless hours managing the review process of applications coming in, consider grant application software. Here’s how it can help you streamline the grant management process.

Time-saving Solution

Managing grant applications is time-consuming. An online grant application software can save you time, allowing you to quickly identify grant opportunities and track deadlines. You can free up a lot of time for your team, allowing your employees to focus on other critical aspects of the process or your business.

Enhanced Efficiency

The best grant application software can help your business be more efficient by automating administrative tasks of the grant management process with real-time visibility. ZoomGrants eliminates the need for manual data entry, sends an alert when it encounters missing or incomplete application components, and reduces the risk of errors or compliance issues.

Cost-effective Option

Hiring a grant writer or consultant can be expensive, especially for small businesses. A grant application app is a cost-effective alternative to that and ensures you receive the level of support and expertise you need to manage the grant applications. You can save money by using grant application software to manage the application process.

Cost-effective Option

The time for manual off-line grant administration can be daunting and expensive. Grant management software offers a cost-effective alternative.

Better Collaboration

ZoomGrants grant management has collaboration features and intelligent communication tools, making it easier for multiple team members to work on a single application at the same time. You can check or monitor changes, implement modifications on your own, all from anywhere with a wifi connection. Having collaborative features and activity tracking in your grant management system encourages teamwork and boosts productivity in your organization.

Enhanced Tracking and Reporting

Choose a grant application software with enhanced tracking and reporting features for your grants, which allow you to monitor the progress of every application you have, whether they’re active, pending, or rejected. ZoomGrants keeps you informed of what’s happening, so you can proceed to the next step once any of your applications are accepted. Built-in reporting tools also help you track deadlines and receive alerts for any updates or changes.

ZoomGrants is your trusted partner throughout the entire grant management process. Contact us today.