Technical Specifications

ZoomGrants™ Works On Any Browser On Any Operating System At Any Time

The only thing required for using ZoomGrants™ is a browser with an Internet connection. This means you and your users will have 24x7x365 access to your grant programs from any web-enabled location in the world.

Installing ZoomGrants™ requires only one line of HTML to either embed on your website inside an iframe or simply link to your application. No software will be installed on your servers.

Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications


There are several security measures in place that ensure the protection and availability of your data, ranging from the user level to the server level, and even the physical location of the servers.

First, all users are required to login with their own userid and password, giving them access only to the information that they are authorized to access. Once logged in, they are automatically logged out after a period of inactivity.

Next, all pages and data transfers are encrypted using our Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. While this will encrypt data transfers for you and your users, it would require that the pages on your website also be encrypted if you choose to embed your application on your site.

The Datacenter Where Everything Is Housed Has Significant Security And Redundancy Features In Place, Including:

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