Simplify Your Processes with an Award Management System

If your business or organization offers grants, awards or scholarships, then being able to manage your submissions is crucial to your success. At ZoomGrants, we provide access to comprehensive award management solutions that cater to your needs. You have access to an intuitive dashboard where you can view all submissions, allocate awards, monitor progress and more. Easily review applications, check for discrepancies, and make sure that all requirements are met without having to host your own in-house solution.

Are You Looking for a System for Award Management?

At ZoomGrants, we make it easier for you to further your philanthropic affairs. From collecting applications, to allocating awards, as well as reporting and tracking actual award amounts, our software helps streamline the process from start to finish. Our award management system is user friendly and simple to use, with no IT setup or software installation required. In fact, all you need to do is add Zoom Grants to your website with one line of HTML code and you can start receiving applications and generating reports as soon as your grants period opens.

Find Out More About Our Awards Management Software Today

If you are looking for an easier way to administer your grants and awards, then you can count on the award management software solution created by ZoomGrants. We make it simple to collect applications, track progress and more with an easy to use web based solution. To find out more about how we can streamline the award process, reach out to our team today at (866) 323-5404.