Managing Federal Grants

Managing Federal Grants with ZoomGrants

Federal grants provide valuable support for ideas that serve to stimulate the economy and support public services. If your department offers federal government funding and is looking for a more streamlined approach to managing federal grants, then ZoomGrants is a versatile and flexible solution. We support federal, local and state agencies in providing funding to applicants with an easy to use and robust solution that takes the hard work out of the process. With 24/7 access to your programs as well as real time monitoring of applications, we provide the means to improve fund capacity.
Managing Federal Grants with ZoomGrants
Managing Federal Grants
Managing Federal Grants
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A Simplified Method for Federal Grants Management

At ZoomGrants, we provide a web based solution for government grants management to entities all over the United States. Built for efficiency, creating your federal funding programs and accepting grant applications is easy. Define your committee and enjoy flexibility and discussion with collaborative reviews, weighted scoring and more. Our platform speeds up the funding process and streamlines reporting requirements so that you can put your grant awards to great use in an expeditious manner. ZoomGrants supports unlimited users and is backed by our exceptional customer service to facilitate a smoother and more seamless federal pass-through grant management process.

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Are you looking for an easier way to manage federal grants? At ZoomGrants, we support state and local agencies across the country who receive pass-through funding. Our federal grants management system offers scalability and flexibility and eliminates timely administrative issues. To learn more about our platform, or to request a demo, call our team today at (866) 323-5404.

Federal Grants Management


Various types of organizations are eligible for federal grants, including government agencies, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, research entities, and more. Eligibility criteria may vary based on the specific grant program and federal agency. ZoomGrants can help you identify suitable federal grant opportunities.
The federal grants management lifecycle involves key steps such as grant solicitation, application submission, award management, reporting, and closeout. ZoomGrants offers comprehensive tools to streamline each phase of the process.
Common reporting requirements for federal grants include financial reports, performance reports, progress reports, and compliance documentation. ZoomGrants simplifies the reporting process by providing templates and automated tracking features.
The process for managing federal grants involves grant identification, application, award acceptance, project implementation, compliance monitoring, reporting, and closeout. ZoomGrants offers a comprehensive platform to streamline each step efficiently.
To apply for and manage federal grants effectively, organizations can use ZoomGrants’ user-friendly software. It simplifies the application process, ensures compliance, and facilitates efficient management, reporting, and closeout of federal grants.

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