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Internal grants are common in many different areas, but particularly in higher education. These grants can also be provided to businesses, nonprofits, and individuals if they are offered internally and do not rely on funding from external sources.

In educational settings, internal grant applications are specific and directly related to a particular project or focus. Administering and managing internal grants requires reporting and transparency to keep all involved in the process provided with the data they require.

Choosing ZoomGrants to provide software for all aspects of the internal grants programs offered by the institution ensures the administrator has all the tools and features needed to manage these funding opportunities.

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Managing Grantmaking Programs

Ensure Compliance

Compliance with the grant is a critical part of the work completed by the administrator. Using ZoomGrants software for your internal grants funding program ensures compliance by automating specific steps, customizing the process to meet specific requirements, and offering all the tools and features needed for contract management, tracking, invoicing, and data analysis and reporting.

Unlike some software, we offer full grant life cycle support. This begins with complete customization of the internal grant application, allowing you to format and ask the questions needed to screen and find the most qualified applicants. This includes uploading documentation and offering multi-lingual translations.

ZoomGrants software offers the same level of customized tools for the review and post-decision period. Data analysis and reporting are made easy and intuitive through our software solution.

To see how our internal grant software can work for your internal grants, call us today at (866) 323-5404 x102 or send us your questions.

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