Essential Grant Management Solutions For Transportation Projects

There are many different aspects to transportation grants. These can range from infrastructure for public transportation to new vehicles and equipment or specific services for underserved communities. Public transportation grants can also be used to promote innovations to reduce traffic by promoting other types of shared transportation and services.

Having a customized and streamlined grant management software for transportation projects makes end-to-end oversight of the grant simple, easy, and effective. ZoomGrants provides a software solution that is tailored to your specific project, application criteria, review process, and the awarding and management of the grant.

Custom Application
Award Management System

Effective Grant Management Solutions for the Transportation Sector

ZoomGrants offers a user-friendly application process that is available from your website. Applicants can complete the grant, save their application, and upload supporting documents through our intuitive software. Easy online applications reduce the number of calls you have to handle as applicants complete the process.

Next, the customized tools can evaluate, filter, score, rank, and record votes from the grant committee. It also converts to official decisions and communicates with successful applicants while also managing all internal committee communications.

Tools extend to the post-decision, payment, grant management, and data analysis stages of the grant life cycle. Print reports and manage data in the most effective format for your organization through ZoomGrants.

Whether you need software for a transit security grant program or any new or ongoing traffic safety programs, ZoomGrants has the solution. To learn more, reach us at (866) 323-5404 x102 or contact us online for additional information.

Grant Management Solution for Transport Projects

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