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“We are ACCEPTING applications.”
I want to provide grant and scholarship application opportunities online, manage the whole process easily, and fulfill our funding objectives more efficiently.

“I’m SUBMITTING applications on behalf of myself or my organization.”

When you find a funding organization that uses ZoomGrants™, the funder will provide a link to its own ZoomGrants™ page where you can create an account from which you can submit your own applications.



What happens next?

Create your Admin account (approx. 2 minutes)
Contact our sales team for a secure link and password to create your account. This will set you up with an Administrative account, empty grant and scholarship applications, and provide you with an invoice to send to your Accounts Payable team. If you have signed up with ZoomGrants but still need your account credentials, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

About ZoomGrants

Customize your applications

(approx. 1 hour, much less if you are copying from a pre-existing application) – Design your applications with the features and settings you need and want. Release them to the public when you are ready.

Put ZoomGrants™ on your website
(approx. 1 minute) – One line of HTML is all you need to put on your website to have access to all of the ZoomGrants™ features and functionality.

Wait for applications to come in

(set your own schedule) – After the applications are submitted, you and your team will use the Review Tools to move through your funding process.

Set up additional Administrative and Funding Committee accounts

(approx. 30 seconds each) – You control access to your applications and programs, and you can do this anytime. Remember, additional users are free to add.


What happens next?

Find an organization accepting applications on their website via ZoomGrants™ then, on the organization’s website:

Create your Applicant Account

(approx. 30 seconds) – This will create your account and automatically log you in.

Click the Apply button

(approx. 1 second) – If that funding organization is currently accepting applications, use the Preview and Apply buttons next to those programs to look over or create an application.

Complete and submit the application

(work at your own pace) – ZoomGrants™ automatically saves your progress as you click through the application fields, so you don’t need to complete the application in one sitting. Just make sure that you complete and submit the application before the deadline.

Our recommendation?

Start early. Finish early. Submit early.
(Who needs more stress?)

Technical Support

If you have any technical related questions please contact our Support team.

ZoomGrants does not list or provide links to programs on our website or through our technical support desk – the funding organization is the only entity that can share the links to their programs.

If you were sent to our homepage by a funding organization that is using ZoomGrants™, they have provided you with the wrong link. In order to allow our user organizations to have full control over who can access their programs, ZoomGrants does not publish live programs. Please contact the funding organization and request a new link. 

Get In Touch

If you have any questions, please contact us, and our Sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.