Practical, Efficient Grant Management Solutions For State Governments

At all levels, government grants need to be carefully monitored and reported throughout the grant life cycle. ZoomGrants offers comprehensive, practical, and effective options to provide built-in accountability and streamlined grant management solutions for state government agencies.

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The Tools Needed for All Aspects of State Government Grants Management

Using our comprehensive state grants management system allows the committee to have access to all aspects of the grant process, from creating the questions and determining the necessary documentation to full tracking, reporting, and analytics throughout the grant cycle. It provides full technical and customer support, including assistance in any customization required.

The state grants management software comes loaded with all the tools you need, with no extra costs. This allows for full transparency and reporting on all aspects of the grant cycle, including voting and final recommendations, official decisions, invoice tracking, payment tracking, progress reporting, and full data analysis for the program or for specific aspects of the program.

Security and Accountability

This ensures that the grant management for state governments is completed on one software system that is secure and offers an audit log for thorough scrutiny throughout the process. We even provide internal communication for committee members and the ability to make announcements from the committee to other user groups.

When you need a comprehensive state grant management process that includes grant management tracking throughout the grant cycle, talk to the experts at ZoomGrants. To reach the team, call us at (866) 323-5404 x102 or send us a message online.

Grant Management for State Governments

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