Powerful Grant Application Management Software to Accept, Review, and Award Applications Online

Grant management is a complex process that often requires extensive paperwork and numerous working hours. ZoomGrants understands your challenges and has designed an online grant management software to streamline the grant management process and eliminate paperwork, allowing your organization to complete the entire process through a web-based platform. Our grant management software for nonprofits and other organizations is feature-rich and easy to use, providing stellar customer support that simplifies management of applications through their entire lifecycle.

Customizable Solutions Simplify Processes

Our online application management system simplifies the review process with customizable solutions that implement innovative features and advanced administrative tools that allow you to accept application submissions, review them, and award grants from one online grant management system. You can customize which features you use and create a personalized application form that reflects your needs. When transitioning to our grant application management software, you will immediately see an impact in how long it takes to process applications, complete manual processes, and make data-driven decisions.

Reduce Required Working Hours

Non-profit teams and organizations often need to limit working hours to manage their financials. With grants management software for nonprofits and other organizations, you simplify the grant application process and activity tracking with online access through a cloud based platform for everyone. With our collaboration solutions, your entire team can more quickly review applications and decide whether to approve applicants with less time spent sorting through paperwork and administrative reporting. You will save significant money in the long run on paper consumption and time-consuming processes required for manual reviews and approvals. Applicants can expect a faster response time, extensive reporting features, and more, adding value to your grants when using our flexible, cloud-based platform.