Online Application Management

Simple. Intuitive. Fully-customizable.

Application, review, and reporting processes entirely online.
Best of all: it's affordable.

Your Applications. Your Way.

Pre-screened applications.
Simple, easy-to-complete forms.
Unlimited document attachments.
Automatically-saved data.

Review Applications Instantly

24/7/365 access from anywhere.
Data-focused reviews.
Custom application groups.
Detailed activity records.

Informed Decision-Making

Simple yet robust scoring.
Instant ranking.
Play with trial decisions.
Send group emails to applicants.

Post-Decision Made Easy

Easily track invoices and payments.
Automatic report reminders.
Powerful data compilation.
Export data anytime.

Great technology is a given. Exceptional service is our promise.

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How It Works


Submit Applications


Customize your applications, including pre-screening features, budgets, document attachments, and questions.


Score and Vote


Receive applications instantly, review and discuss them with colleagues, then score each application and recommend a funding decision.


Finalize Decisions


Keep track of reviewers’ workflows, process their decisions, and communicate with applicants.


Submit Reports

Post-funding reports, including attached documents and invoices and disbursement requests, are automatically linked to the original applications.

You are the reason we get up in the morning!

Your Needs


At ZoomGrants™, your complete satisfaction is our highest priority. We are constantly striving and proud to be the:

  • Easiest to use
  • Best at customer service
  • Best overall value
ZoomGrants is Used by:

Federal, State and Local Agencies

Entitled jurisdictions

Private foundations

Family foundations

Faith-based foundations

Corporate foundations

Community foundations

Donor advised funds

Local clubs and giving circles

Academic scholarships

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Your Results


Our commitment is to bring immediate improvements to your process, helping you gain efficiencies and freeing up business cycles for your core competencies.

  • Improved Triple Bottom Line

    People – increases capacity

    Planet – saves resources

    Prosperity – saves money

  • Improved Organization

    No more tedious photocopying

    No lost attachments

    Streamlined communications

    Instantly accessible 24/7

  • Improved Community Impact

    Shift resources from admin to more important programs

    Save applicants’ scarce but valuable resources

    Increase funding capacity

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Your Comments


Don’t just take our word for it – see what our clients are saying about ZoomGrants™ – our company, our systems, our processes and our staff…

ZoomGrants is the only service I’ve found that is built for the public sector by people who have worked in the public sector. The setup and application processes are very intuitive, and even my nonprofits who aren’t tech-savvy liked it so much that they are now asking to use it for invoicing and reporting.
Sarah B.
Housing Program Manager
City of Elk Grove, California

ZoomGrants is an excellent program. Most times when a new program is introduced, and mandated, the process is stressful and painful. ZoomGrants actually made the grant writing and submission easier than past years. I had two questions for technical support and I was amazed to receive a reply within a half hour. Great program supported by a great team of people. Thank you Zoomgrants.
Guy D.
Business Manager
New Jersey

Talk about customer service! I wish more people were such a professional pleasure to work with…I will rest easy now and hope to hear some good news soon!
Jennifer S.
Donations Coordinator

Your product is very impressive and well executed.
Angela J.
Treasurer, Chief of Staff
New Jersey

This system was easy to use. I liked that it told me how many characters I had left. I liked that it printed out the full screen.
Diane S.
Division Director

Auto save! Easy to use and navigate. I’ve used many grant app programs and this by far is the best!
Shelley D.

Painless & seamless process! I was impressed with the overall ease of the application process and how it automatically saved which allowed me to focus on the content and not the computer part of the application.
Jennifer M.
Operating Systems Officer

I found the system very easy to use and a big improvement over running down to Kinko’s to make copies, etc. Hopefully your system will catch on with other funders as well.
Gary T.
Executive Director

This made the grant writing process very easy. The form was clear and easy to fill out. The process for downloading documents worked well. The print function allowed me to save a hard copy for my records. I would recommend this to any grantmaker.
Susan A.
Executive Director

Thanks so much. This is certainly a level of customer service to which I am unaccustomed!
Mary C.
Manager of Programs and Grants
New Jersey

This is the second time I’ve used ZoomGrants. Online grants are definitely a way of the future, and I think grant writers would appreciate it if more grantmakers would make use of this process.
Gayle T.
Grants Chairman

ZoomGrants is by far the easiest grant submission system that I have seen. Even someone with no experience in grant submissions can do this.
AnnaMarie J.
Executive Director

ZoomGrants was particularly easy to use. The directions were clear, the site was easy to navigate and uploading documents was simple.
Susan D.
Grants Manager

ZoomGrants is an applicant’s dream come true! Easy to navigate. Easy to update. Easy to upload. Now if it could just guarantee that my application would be approved and funded…!
Shelley D.

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