The Ideal Grant Management Software For Corporate Foundations

At ZoomGrants, we provide a unique approach to the development of customized grant management software for corporate foundations. Our extensive experience in assisting private and public sector groups, organizations, and foundations to create the software for complete life cycle management of grants allows you to set up and begin grant administration in just a few hours.
Our corporate philanthropy software solution is fully tailored to your needs. This includes integrating the grant application into your website with a user-friendly application process. The committee overseeing the corporate grants can develop a full range of question types, allow applicants to upload documents during the application, and we provide the option of multi-lingual translations to assist in the diversity of applications.

Customized grant management software for corporate foundations
Grant Management Solution for Transport Projects

Grant Management Made Simple

The management process for corporate grants for non profits can be overwhelming. Through our comprehensive software solution, all aspects of corporate foundation grants can be managed through one secure dashboard. This includes filtering, scoring, and ranking applications, voting and recording recommendations, and notifying various groups about official decisions.

ZoomGrants grant management tools for corporate philanthropy programs also make it easy to track, monitor progress, ensure deadlines are met, and complete full data analysis of the program within our grant management software solution.

Corporate grant management does not need to be difficult or time consuming. If you are struggling with your current system, reach out to our team at (866) 323-5404 x102 or contact us online to request a demo or learn more.

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