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Robust Grants Management Software for Private & Family Foundations

Private foundations often offer grants to assist causes that align with their mission statement. Writing and managing these grant opportunities can be a complex process that can create significant paperwork and require countless evaluations. ZoomGrants offers the best grants management software for private foundations to streamline the process, eliminate paperwork, and provide a web-based platform for processing applications. Whether you offer scholarships or other grants, our robust, feature-rich, effective grant management solution simplifies the process with innovative solutions.

Management Software for Foundations
Custom Grant Management Software
Management Software for Foundations

Customizable Grant Management Software

When choosing our grants management software for family foundations and other private foundations, you will find a customizable solution you can tailor to suit your needs. We offer a comprehensive list of robust features and advanced administrative tools to simplify the application and evaluation processes, reducing the required working hours and eliminating unnecessary paperwork.

Everything takes place in a web-based platform to ensure those seeking grants can apply and receive an answer online, plus, your team will be able to create customizable reports where needed. We provide exceptional customer service and reasonable prices that save you money in the long run, reducing operating costs.

Scholarship Management Software

Private foundations, particularly family foundations, typically offer grants in the form of scholarships. In many cases, they assist individuals in furthering their education by making higher education more affordable.
Our scholarship management software for private foundations and family foundation staff ensures prospective grantseekers can apply online. Your team can process those grant applications and choose qualified individuals with robust software features and an intuitive user interface that allow you to track progress and reporting requirements. You will improve your organization’s community impact and make a difference through our automation tools, document management tools, collaboration tools and more.

Call us today to set up a demo, and see why all grant related functions and communication with applicants for private foundations, from the pre-award phase to the post-award phase, just got much simpler with our cloud-based solution.

Management Software for Foundations

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