About ZoomGrants™

Our Mission

ZoomGrants™ works to be the ‘best practice’ in application management by providing affordable, easy-to-use, state-of-the-art grant and scholarship products with world class customer service.

Our Vision

As a triple bottom line company, ZoomGrants™ focuses on saving money and natural resources for clients while increasing their social capacity in the community. Quite simply, ZoomGrants™ wants the application process to be better than it has ever been before.

ZoomGrants™ harnesses available technology to streamline the grant and scholarship application processes, making them more efficient, more cost effective and easier to manage.

By letting the technology handle the routine, mundane and costly tasks, ZoomGrants™ provides the capacity to manage all of the necessary components online in a way that is intuitive, well organized, highly affordable, and environmentally sound.

ZoomGrants™ achieves success by enabling clients to meet their objective of ‘doing more with less’ in their community by using ZoomGrants™ for their grant and scholarship program administration.

Our History

ZoomGrants™ is a limited liability company founded in 2002 and headquartered in colorful Colorado.

President and Founder Geoff Hamilton created the company when he noticed that there were no good online solutions for grant management – at the time, most philanthropy was still being done on paper.

This was costly, not only in financial terms, but also in terms of environmental impact and organizational inefficiency.

Seeing an opportunity to have a dramatic impact on the nonprofit community as a whole, Geoff set out to ‘build a better mousetrap’ that would serve the nonprofit community by allowing them to focus on their original objectives rather than the mundane tasks of program administration.

Since ZoomGrants™ inception, we’ve become a trusted partner of communities and organizations across the country, helping streamline their processes and get them back to what really matters – making a difference in their communities.

Here at ZoomGrants™, the entire team is committed to the philosophy that our customers are ‘the reason we get up in the morning.’  Every day, we strive to under-promise and over-deliver to all of our clients, and our team remains fiercely dedicated to the triple bottom line of people, planet and prosperity.

Our Management Team

Geoff Hamilton


Geoff founded ZoomGrants™ in 2002, drawing on his experience in finance and non-profit management to develop an innovative tool to help simplify program administration.
Over ten years later, Geoff continues to hone the ZoomGrants™ Online Application Management system, adding new features, perfecting existing tools, and always leading by example by providing the highest quality of service to all ZoomGrants™ users.

Photo of Geoff Hamilton - ZoomGrants President/Founder

John Hall

Marketing Director

John joined the ZoomGrants™ team after holding two vice president positions with Madison Square Garden and senior executive positions with the NFL and the NBA, working with the Sacramento Kings and Arco Arena Sports and Entertainment Complex.
At ZoomGrants™, John plays a crucial role in increasing company exposure and implementing the ZoomGrants™ triple bottom line – People, Planet, and Prosperity.

Photo of John Hall - Marketing Director

Emily Wilson

Support and Onboarding Specialist

Emily first joined to the ZoomGrants™ team as an intern in 2011. After graduating from Colorado State University in 2014, she returned to ZoomGrants™ and became a full-time team member.
In her current role, Emily provides Technical Support, helps new organizations get their accounts up and running, and draws on her discussions with all users to help the Development Team create and implement new system features.

Photo of Emily Wilson - Customer Support Specialist

Martin Greenlee

Customer Relations Manager
Government Specialist

As a past customer, Martin used the ZoomGrants™ system to streamline a multimillion dollar paper-based grant program. He served 10 years as Grant Administrator for the City of Vancouver, WA, managing CDBG, HOME, and other HUD funding.
As Customer Relations Manager, Martin draws on over 15 years of local government experience in civil engineering, land-use planning, and federal grants to facilitate nationwide customer recruitment, sales, and support.

Photo of Martin Greenlee - Customer Relationship Manager

Rob Sronce

Lead Consultant

Rob became a ZoomGrants™ team member in early 2015, bringing over 20 years of housing and community development experience, 14 years of federal and state grants management experience, and 8 years of providing consulting and nationwide technical assistance to HUD grantees.
As Lead Consultant with ZoomGrants™, Rob provides direct staffing and technical assistance by leveraging local staff resources with custom solutions.

Photo of Rob Sronce - Lead Consultant

Becky Hardekopf

Customer Relations Manager
Nonprofit Specialist

Becky’s familiarity with the nonprofit sector makes her a perfect fit for ZoomGrants™, which she joined in 2015. She has held roles as a grant writer, grant administrator, program manager and chief relationship officer in the nonprofit sector in the last 12 years.
As Customer Relations Manager, Becky brings her relationship building and private-sector grant experience to help ZoomGrants™ customers get the products and services they need to manage their grants and grantees in the most streamlined and effective fashion.

Photo of Becky Hardekopf - Customer Relations Manager

Lauren Sechrist

Customer Relations Manager
Government Specialist

Lauren joined the ZoomGrants™ team in mid-2016, with 12 years of experience monitoring federal compliance and providing support to a variety of social service providers and community development projects funded with CDBG, HOME, CoC, and/or ESG. Lauren is excited to use her extensive knowledge of the cross-cutting federal regulations pertaining to community development projects to assist ZoomGrants™ customers, as well as share her experience developing community planning documents and policy and procedure manuals intended to assist grantees in carrying out their mission and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Photo of Lauren Sechrist - ZoomGrants Customer Relations Manager