Scholarship Management System

Get the Scholarship Management System That Makes a Difference

Every year, millions of students worldwide apply for scholarships. Whether these scholarship opportunities are for private education tuition or to cover the cost of college education, their applications matter to them – and to organizations like yours that provide the scholarships they are seeking.

Keeping all of those initial scholarship applications straight and giving all the award processes proper attention can be next to impossible without a solid scholarship application management system. If your company is like many, your scholarship management software is simply not up to the task of the complicated scholarship application process!

At ZoomGrants, our online scholarship management platform provides all the tools your team and review committees need to effectively manage the application process while delivering to the scholarship applicants their hard-earned award. From institutions to foundations, ZoomGrants is the best solution for scholarship providers in the industry.

Scholarship Application Software
Scholarship Application Software
Scholarship Application Software
Application Management Software For Nonprofits

Creating Effective Applications

If the software you use to create, distribute, and administer scholarship programs is not the same portal that helps you process and manage them, you are using too many programs! Our all-in-one scholarship management system enables your review team to create scholarship application forms that are perfectly suited to your needs. It also allows you to administer and distribute those applications, keeping completed forms in one place even more effortless and cutting down on repetitive tasks. Plus, this single platform can even be used for compliance purposes.

What happens if these online forms need to be adjusted? It is as simple as making adjustments right inside the program. Updates happen in real-time so your scholarship recipients and applicants can have the most current and accurate version, regardless of when they submit their online application, making your student experience the best it can be.

Keep Your Team on the Same Page

Whether your organization is a team of just a few people or thousands, you will need 24-hour access to scholarship processing within your advanced scholarship management system. Our all-in-one scholarship management solution enables all types of collaboration, as well as better and faster processing tools for a more user-friendly experience for the whole team. Just a few of our best features include:

Advanced Scholarship Management System
Scholarship Management System

No Limits to What We Can Help You Do

We offer truly unlimited potential with our software, including unlimited users, no limits to document attachments, and unlimited saved reports. This way, you will never have to hope you have the space to save your scholarship workflows. In fact, we automatically save all your customer data for you, so it is there when you need it.

You can always be certain that your organization is seeing all of the best candidates helping you make the best possible choice in awarding funds when you use our tools for your review process.

With top-notch customer service and technical support, we also promise you a user-friendly experience along the way.

Ready to learn more about improving your scholarship management system once and for all? Contact us today to learn why we are the solution for scholarship providers like you!


Organizations utilize ZoomGrants’ scholarship application management system to streamline the scholarship process, automate tasks, improve collaboration, and ensure fairness and transparency. It simplifies scholarship administration and enhances the applicant experience.
Scholarship management software, like ZoomGrants, benefits a wide range of organizations, including educational institutions, foundations, nonprofits, and corporations. It optimizes scholarship administration, making it efficient and equitable for diverse applicants.
ZoomGrants’ scholarship management system enhances the applicant experience by providing a user-friendly platform for submitting applications, tracking progress, and receiving notifications. It simplifies the process and ensures fairness and transparency.
Data security in scholarship management software, like ZoomGrants, is ensured through robust measures including encryption, compliance with industry standards, and secure data storage. These safeguards protect sensitive applicant information, ensuring confidentiality and integrity.
Accordion CZoomGrants offers flexible pricing options for scholarship management software, tailored to the specific needs and scale of organizations. Costs may vary based on factors like usage, features, and support levels.ontent
A scholarship application management system, such as ZoomGrants, includes key features like customizable application forms, automated workflows, real-time tracking, communication tools, and comprehensive reporting. These features streamline the scholarship process and enhance efficiency.
Yes, ZoomGrants offers specialized scholarship application management system solutions tailored to different educational levels, ensuring that the software aligns with the unique needs of K-12, higher education, and vocational programs.
Yes, ZoomGrants’ scholarship management software can support international scholarship programs and applicants. It offers customizable features to accommodate diverse eligibility criteria and languages, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility.
An online scholarship management system, like ZoomGrants, should adhere to industry-standard compliance measures such as GDPR, FERPA, and HIPAA, ensuring the protection and privacy of applicant data.