The right tools and technology can improve your company’s management processes. If you’re checking out options, here are essential things to look for when you look for software that can help you, especially regarding your grantmaking efforts. Whether you’re a grantmaker, scholar provider or a company that works with grants, an application management system will make your life easier.

Customizes the Application

Choose an online application management software that allows you to set up the system as you want. Can it collect the data you need to make the best funding decisions? Can you use the software to generate data that’s useful for fellowships, grants, scholarships, and more? If your application process is thorny and complicated, a customizable application can help you improve the process, identify issues, and nip problems in the bud.

Simplifies the Review Process

Is it possible for your team to start the review process once you receive the applications? That’s a sign that you’re using an efficient application management system. Can you add details for every application, though, to make it easier for you to evaluate them? Is there a feature that allows you to add information like allocation suggestions, private notes, information from the committee, and more?

Shorter Processing Worktimes

An application management software designed with administrative tools can help your staff have full control over the entire process. From managing applications to making grants and more, tools help you with the reporting and documentation. They can also make it easier for you to communicate with each other, the applicants, and the committee. Whether you need workflow dashboards, post-funding reporting, or email templates that you can customize, the right management system reduces processing times, allowing you to finish faster and get more work done in less time.

User-Friendly Features

It doesn’t make sense to choose a management system that’s complicated to use and hard to understand. Some of the programs you’ll find may be more advanced but if they slow your team down and bog down your processes, they’re not the best fit for you. Always check how user-friendly the system is beforehand. You don’t want to commit to a system that will create delays rather than speed up your processes.

Responsive Service

Pick a management system that comes with a responsive vendor. If you have any questions or concerns, does the company send prompt replies? Do they provide information you need to make a purchasing decision? Find out.