Education costs are increasing daily, and students are becoming vulnerable with limited options to fund their studies. Fortunately, the private and public sectors have come up with scholarships that have helped create several opportunities for deserving students. As a result, scholarship management tools have become essential to ensure that scholarship programs run smoothly and accordingly. As 2022 progresses, these are some of the best management software for scholarships you can invest in.

Features Of A Scholarship Management Software

Aside from the scholarship management software, your scholarship organization should be able to offer easy-to-use and access features to the applicants. Some of these features include the following;

  • Application period– should contain tailored questions and applicant budgets with applications, among others.
  • Ease of Access– 24/7 access to the website is ideal.
  • Customization – includes all supporting documents, customizable reports, and multiple answer types.
  • Review period– this is where all the decisions regarding the scholarship application are made, including ranking.
  • Communication – have an overall activity stream for the program and email notices for new applications.
  • Data collection and analysis– it should collect the students’ data, calculate the statistics and store the dynamic reports for future use.


This software offers flexibility, customization, and unparalleled support in creating a smooth and streamlined collection and assessment of universities and other institutions’ scholarship applications. It has an easy-to-handle system that allows you to gather all the scholarship applications, organize the assessors and select possible winners.

This scholarship management software offers a dynamic yet affordable option that only requires a web-enabled device and an internet browser. They also have customizable applications, powerful administrative tools, a simplified review process, user-friendly features, and affordable pricing.


This cloud-based software has a student review platform that can automate your fellowship, award, or grant program. It has an easy-to-use application portal that students can access, making the scholarship application process effortless and convenient.

Furthermore, it has flexible templates which are easy to customize to fit any scholarship or program. OpenWater gives you everything in a single dashboard, from student registration to application, evaluation, review, and even receipt collection.

SurveyMonkey Apply

SurveyMonkey is a famous company known for its powerful survey tools. It offers a separate collection and review tool for scholarship applications, grants, and awards. Additionally, it has a user-friendly navigation system with a well-structured submission process. Its customer care services are also great, with a special nonprofit pricing system. Moreover, it also has a flexible data consolidation and reporting system with tech support.


Submittable is a cloud-based scholarship management software with the best tools for any institution. It allows for a quick collection and compilation of scholarship applications and grants. Furthermore, you can analyze application review results and automate the workflows within the platform. Some of its features include a drag-and-drop form builder and some reporting tools. It also integrates with several other applications, including but not limited to Saas platforms.

Scholarships and other programs that help steer education are important in any institution. However, most of the time, these processes rely on paper-based workflow. But with the help of this management software and institutions’ digital transformations, they can help create more opportunities for students through streamlined processes.