Effective Grant Management Software

Millions of students apply for grants annually, and these huge numbers can be overwhelming for any grant organization. Grant management software allows you to manage your records, track fund disbursements, and interact with your grantees. The software is an application or a web-based platform that allows effective collaboration between the applicant, reviewer, and system administrator.

Top grant management software embodies specific features that stand out from other software. Here are key features that accommodate all users of the grant management software.

Four Top Features to Look Out For
Account Creation Features

One of the key features of top grant management software is the ability to create accounts with ease. Users should be able to save personal data and application details and communicate with staff from the grant organization. Moreover, the account should be permanent on your platform, allowing users to log in without losing data.

Communication Tools

Communication is a key part of the grant application and approval process. You need to communicate with your applicants and vice versa, as they check for updates, accept grants, or modify the application. In addition, you should confirm that the software feature communication tools that prioritize real-time updates and chats.

For example, the popular grant management platform, Zoom Grants allows you to customize communication tools that prioritize user-friendly features and responsive customer service.

Eligibility Quizzes

Eligibility quizzes are important because they will help you filter out unqualified applicants, saving time on both ends. The feature allows users to log in and complete a set of quizzes that determine eligibility for various grants. Any software with this feature is perfect because it will minimize the time for application selections and approvals.

Personal Portal for Reviewers

Top grant management software includes personal portals that allow your reviewers to log in and see assigned applications. This portal acts like your office within the application. You don’t need to rummage through emails or search your applications from a list of providers. Instead, the feature filters the grant applications depending on the provider.

Additional features that add value to top grant management software include automated workflows, customizable dashboards, customer relationship management, and clear pricing tools. All these features ensure that your applicants and staff members enjoy seamless processes.

Popular grant management platforms like Zoom Grants, WizeHive, and OpenWater embody these features. In conclusion, to find the right software, take time to research the features and ensure each feature meets your needs.