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City of La Porte
La Porte Cares Household Emergency Assistance Program
CLOSED  Deadline  12/23/2020
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Description  [hide this]


The City of La Porte is opening Round Two of the La Porte Cares Emergency Household Assistance Program. The application period will reopen on Wednesday, December 16, at 8:00 a.m. The program will provide financial assistance with housing and other household expenses for La Porte residents that have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. La Porte households may be eligible to receive up to $2,000 of emergency relief. Funding allocations will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis.

The funding provided may be used for rent, mortgage, and utility assistance (excluding water).  Please note that funds are limited, and not everyone that is eligible and applies may receive funding.

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Eligibility Criteria  [hide this]

  1. Must live in the City of La Porte
  2. Have a household income at or below 80% Area Median Income (AMI)
    • Total household income is based on documentation of current income, defined as the last 30 days
  3. Financially impacted by COVID-19 (loss of job, reduced hours, reduction in pay, increased healthcare expenses, added childcare expenses, etc.) 
  4. Not have received benefits from the following programs in 2020:
    • The Harris County Utility Assistance Program, or
    • The Harris County COVID-19 Forgivable Loan Program, or
    • The Harris County COVID-19 Relief Fund, or
    • The Harris County Direct Assistance Program, or
    • The Harris County Small Business Recovery Fund
  5. May only apply for rent, mortgage, and utility assistance (excluding water) related to one primary property
  6. Be the primary mortgage holder on a single-family unit OR the tenant of any multi-family or single-family unit in La Porte. Landlords of multi-family or single-family units should apply through the La Porte Cares Small Business Relief Fund.

Tools  [hide this]
DescriptionFile NameDate UploadedFile Type
Income Self Declaration Statement (No Documented Income) LaPorteCOVIDIncomeSelf-DeclarationStatement.pdf 11/4/2020 8:53:08 AM PDF
Self Employed Ledger LaPorteCOVIDSelfEmploymentLedger.pdf 11/4/2020 8:56:31 AM PDF
No Income Self Certification Form La_Porte_COVID_NO_Income_Self-Certification_Statement.pdf 11/4/2020 9:42:04 AM PDF
Hardship Self Declaration Statement (Unable to Provide Proof of Hardship Documentation) LaPorteCOVIDHardshipSelf-DeclarationStatement.pdf 11/6/2020 8:10:13 AM PDF
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All application questions must be completed and all required documents must be uploaded, with no missing pages or redactions. Documents with missing pages will be considered incomplete. Only one application is needed per household. 

Applications will be reviewed for completeness and compliance with the grant eligibility standards, and processed in the order they were received.

If any information is missing or incomplete, it will be incumbent upon you, as the applicant, to correct the missing or incomplete information or your application will be determined incomplete and ineligible.

Changes will need to be submitted before the application deadline, 11:59 PM on December 23, 2020. Any changes to your application will change your application submission time. Funding allocations will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis. Funds are limited, and not everyone that is eligible and applies may receive funding.

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