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Office of the Attorney General
FY23 Cure the Streets - Program Implementation Grant
CLOSED  Deadline  8/12/2022
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Description  [hide this]

The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) is making $8.1 million available to support community-based organizations to implement Cure the Streets in specific target areas. OAG may award up to $814,000.00 per project. Projects supported with funds awarded from this solicitation must implement the Cure Violence model, including utilizing Violence Interrupters and Outreach Workers to reduce gun violence in the target areas.

Eligibility Criteria  [hide this]

Each awardee will be required to provide proof of appropriate insurance, possess human resources and accounting infrastructure, and experience successfully managing grants. The term of the grant shall be from the date of the award through September 30, 2023. Each applicant must complete a program budget and return it with the proposal.

The CBO eligibility criteria are:

  • Applicant must be designated as a 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) organization by the IRS.
  • Applicant must be designated as an IRS 501(c)3 or 501(c)4 entity and be in good standing with the Government of the District of Columbia and IRS. 
  • Applicant must be able to operate a CTS program within an eligible target area as defined within this solicitation. 
  • Applicants must ensure that the CTS program has an office or home base location to operate the program from. Storefronts and ground floor locations are ideal but other may be acceptable. The program office may be located in a house or ground floor apartment within the target area. The location should provide ample space for staff to work and a large conference area suitable for meetings, workshops and other gatherings and activities. 
  • Applying organizations must have no rules or bylaws that prohibit its hiring of persons with criminal backgrounds, or any other disability protected by law. 
  • Applicant must be able to demonstrate financial ability to meet payroll for program staff for at least thirty days if payments under the grant are delayed or a financial penalty for inadequate performance is applied. Applicant may request an advance payment following OAG’s policy to avoid payroll issues. 
  • Applicant must demonstrate existing relationships with community agencies and partners and provide letters of support from these partnerships. 
  • Applicant must demonstrate the capacity to provide or connect staff with job-related training and support services that enable them to effectively discharge the responsibilities of their job titles. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: training on the impact of trauma (Trauma-Informed Care) and cultural/linguistic competencies, addressing child support matters, and employee assistance programming that includes counseling and referral to other supports. 

Role of OAG and the CBO  [hide this]

Role of OAG


OAG will provide regular program monitoring, reviewing programmatic aspects of the program to ensure adherence to the grant agreement and scope of services as well as faithful and effective implementation of the Cure Violence program model.

OAG will serve as the leading technical support advisor to the CBO by providing advice on assessing applicants for program jobs, arranging training of project staff, ensuring staff mental health support, assisting with problem solving at the program level, and generally supporting CBO grantees in effectively implementing the Cure Violence program model in their assigned program target neighborhoods.

Training coordinated by OAG will include, but not be limited to: OAG orientation for new grantees; Violence Interruption and Reduction Training (VIRT); Program Implementation and Management (PIM); Data Collection and Documentation Training; Basic Counseling Skills, Motivational Interviewing and Case Management; Conflict and Conflict Mediation Training; and Grant Reporting Training.

Fiscal and Administrative

OAG will oversee and direct fiscal and administrative matters, including receiving and reviewing reports from the CBO; reviewing, processing, and ensuring payment of approved CBO invoices; monitoring program budgets and expenditures; tracking and documenting personnel changes and actions; ensuring provision of staff training and support services; and generally ensuring compliance with the terms of the grant agreement.

Role of the CBO


Each CBO grantee is responsible for the day-to-day operations of their CTS program(s), assurance of collection of reliable program data, program oversight, and regular periodic review of program data and program performance. The CBO will implement the CTS program(s) within the boundaries of an OAG-designated neighborhood target area that has experienced high rates of gun violence over the past three years. The following link ( illustrates the boundaries of all eligible areas that a CBO may bid to operate. For ease of reference, you may also see Attachment 2 – Target Sites Maps for the eligible areas.

Personnel and HR

The CBO shall hire, manage, and support all program staff, subject to OAG oversight. In addition, the CBO will ensure that all CTS programs it operates faithfully implement all programmatic elements and activities of the Cure Violence program model, including community mobilization; planning and organizing community activities and public education; coalition building; leading and participating in other activities that engage the community in this initiative.

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