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Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
FY 2024 EMTS Funding Program - RFA # 41271
CLOSED  Deadline  2/15/2023
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Description File Name Date Uploaded File Type
FY24 EMTS Funding Guide LINK 12/16/2022 4:56:42 PM LINK
FY24 Provider Grant Scoring Tool LINK 12/16/2022 6:24:35 PM LINK
FY24 System Improvement Scoring Tool LINK 12/16/2022 6:25:20 PM LINK
FY24 Funding Program Attestation Instructions LINK 12/16/2022 6:26:11 PM LINK
Sample Income Statement LINK 12/16/2022 6:26:55 PM LINK
Sample Budget LINK 12/16/2022 6:27:19 PM LINK
Sample Balance Sheet LINK 12/16/2022 6:27:36 PM LINK
Financial Risk Assessment Questionnaire FAQ's LINK 12/16/2022 6:29:17 PM LINK

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Application Summary

Complete the information below to get started. After completing this tab, navigate to the pe-application tab to complete the pre-application form and upload pre-application documents. The pre-application must be submitted before Feb. 8, 2023. Early submission of the pre-application is recommended. You must be logged into your ZoomGrants account before you can complete the information below. Click here to download a preview of the pre-application and full application.

  • Project Title - Enter a general project description that defines the overall intent of the project. Example: "Cardiac Monitor Replacement Project".
  • Amount Requested - Enter the dollar amount requested from the state in this application. The state share is 50% of the total cost of your grant project unless your agency is applying for a financial waiver to the standard 50% match. Line items will be entered on the Detailed Budget tab after your pre-application is approved.
  • Grantee Match Amount - Enter the dollar amount your agency will be responsible for. Your agency's match is 50% of the project total unless applying for a financial waiver to the standard 50% match.
  • Applicant Information - Enter your name and contact information as the primary grant contact.
  • Primary grant contact - The person responsible for completing and submitting this application in ZoomGrants. If you aren't the project's primary contact person, the designated person should start the application using their ZoomGrants account. We suggest that your organization use a shared email address to create a shared ZoomGrants account that multiple people can access. This provides backup if the primary grant contact leaves the organization or the role needs to be transitioned. 
  • Organization Information - Enter your organization's legal name as it's found on your W-9 form. Click Add Address to verify and save your organization's address.
  • Authorized Signer - Enter the name and contact information of a person with signature authority for your organization. This person must have the authority to execute legally binding agreements for your organization and will sign the provider grant attestation attachment for this application. Common examples of authorized signers include but are not limited to Board President, City Manager, County Manager and CEO.
  • Collaborators - Can be assigned below. Collaborators can edit the application but can't submit the application using their ZoomGrants account. 

Grant workshops

Informational grant workshops are scheduled throughout January 2023. Grant workshops aim to educate potential applicants and answer questions about the program. Visit: to find a list of workshops scheduled throughout January. Workshops are hosted by the RETACs and all potential grant applicants are welcome to attend any workshop session. 

Tips for a successful application

  • Review the EMTS Grant Funding Guide in the library above before starting.
  • ZoomGrants will time out after a period of inactivity. Save your work often by clicking outside of the question you are working on.
  • Gather the required documents for upload into the pre-application.
  • Use your browser's zoom function if you cannot see the full application page.
  • Use your browser's refresh function to update calculations in the detailed project budget tab and ensure your progress has been saved.
  • The Organization Information section below must reflect the information for the primary organization that will be responsible for administering the grant project/funds.
  • We recommend submitting the full application at least a week before the final deadline.

Submission deadlines 

Applications submitted after either deadline will be rejected.

Pre-application: Feb. 8, 2023

Full Application: Feb. 15, 2023

Before submitting the pre-application and full application, ensure that all questions have complete responses, budgets are entered correctly and attachments are in PDF format. If you need to make corrections after submission, you must email Andre Smith at to request the application be reopened.

Project Title
Amount Requested
Enter the estimated STATE match amount that will be requested in this application
Applicant Match Amount
Enter your organization's estimated match

Applicant Information

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Organization Information
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