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Ramsey County
Nov 2023 Environmental Response Fund (ERF)
CLOSED  Deadline  11/1/2023
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General Considerations

The Ramsey County Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) is accepting applications for the November 2023 Environmental Response Fund (ERF) for eligible properties throughout the county.

Ramsey County established ERF to help clean up contaminated properties and to mitigate extraordinary investment costs associated with redevelopment of contaminated/polluted property located in the county. Funds are generated by a mortgage registry and deed tax of .0001 percent of the principal amount of financing.

Funding Priorities

ERF funding is competitive and traditionally split between Suburban Ramsey County and the City of Saint Paul. Priority is given to the following types of projects:

  • Significant contamination cleanup.
  • Demonstrated project readiness.
  • Increase in affordable housing units.
  • Increase in jobs.
  • Increase in property taxes.
  • Located in an environmental justice area (as defined by the Minneota Pollution Control Agency or MPCA)

Project proposals will be reviewed by HRA staff to determine:

  • Confirmation of the financial gap based on commitments of other sources of funds.
  • Capacity of the developer/property owner to complete the project as proposed in a timely manner.
  • Project timeliness resulting in increased tax capacity and revenue generation for Ramsey County
  • Short-term and long-term financial benefit of Ramsey County's ERF investment in the project. 

Eligibility  [hide this]

Eligible Applicants: Ramsey County municipalities, public and private for profit and nonprofit agencies and organizations 

Timing: Project should be ready to be implemented within 6 months of fund award with funds fully expended within 18 months from the time an agreement is executed. 

*Note: The 2023 Environmental Response Fund Application has been substantially revised with additional questions. Most questions are now answered in the separate ERF Application template document which can be downloaded and completed in Word, then uploaded to the Documents section of this ZoomGrants portal. Visit the digital library tab or Documents section to access the Ramsey County Enviromental Response Fund (ERF) Application template.  

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