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Ramsey County
May 2022 Environmental Response Fund
CLOSED  Deadline  5/2/2022
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Ramsey County and Ramsey County municipalities, public and private for profit and not-for-profit agencies and organizations may apply for Ramsey County ERF funds to mitigate capital investment associates with redevelopment of contaminated/polluted property located in Ramsey County. 

The ERF offers mitigation financing of last resort. All other sources of financing should be exhausted prior to requesting Ramsey County funding. The project should be ready to be implemented within 90 days of fund award with funds fully expended within 18 months from the time an agreement is executed. 

Proposals will be evaluated based on ability to achieve Ramsey County priorities. Project proposals will be reviewed by HRA staff to determine:

  • The degree to which clean-up addresses human health and environmental safety consistent with the end use of the site;
  • The degree to which clean-up assists economic development;
  • The degree to which clean-up facilitates construction of new affordable housing units;
  • Confirmation of the financial gap based on commitments of other sources of funds; and
  • The capacity of the developer/property owner to complete the project as proposed in a timely manner.
  • How quickly the project will result in increased tax capacity and generate revenue for Ramsey County
  • Expenditure of funds within 18 months from HRA approval of the project. 
  • The short-term and long-term financial benefit of Ramsey County's ERF investment in the project. 

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