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DC Mayor's Office on Latino Affairs

FY25 Latino Community Development Grant
Deadline  6/14/2024
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The Executive Office of Mayor Muriel Bowser and The Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs (MOLA) are soliciting grant applications for its FY 2025 Latino Community Development Grant (LCDG) from qualified Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) serving the District of Columbia’s Latino community.

The LCDG Grant is intended to enhance Latino-serving programs focused on Education (all ages), Workforce and Economic Development, Housing Services, Civic Engagement, Legal Services, Public Safety, Crisis Intervention, Health and Wellness, and Arts, Culture and Humanities.

Requirements  [hide this]

Applicants shall meet the following minimum requirements to be considered for the FY25 LCDG Grant:

  1. The organization is a community-based organization with a Federal 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status and is a Licensed business with the District of Columbia’s Department of Licensing and Consumer Protection (DLCP);
  1. The organization’s principal place of business must be located in the District of Columbia; if the business is a national or regional organization, then it must have a location in the District through which it provides services;
  1. The organization must provide services to District Latino residents or collaborate with an organization that provides services to District Latino residents;
  1. All services and programming funded by the grant must be provided within the District of Columbia;
  1. The organization must currently be registered and in good standing with the DLCP and the Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR). Applicants must maintain their good standing status with the aforementioned entities throughout the pre-award process and the grant’s performance period;
  1. Applicants shall provide an affidavit regarding any debarments, suspensions, or default with the Office of Contract and Procurement (OCP); and
  1. (This requirement applies only to current MOLA grantees) Current grantees must be:
    1. current on MOLA reporting obligations for the FY24 grant cycle;
    2. in good standing with the District’s legal requirements, including those imposed by any grants or contracts; and
    3. progress reports must reflect substantial progress towards the goals of the grant agreement.

Funding Priorities  [hide this]

To qualify for the FY25 LCDG Grant, applicants must provide services in at least one of the three (3) funding priorities listed below: 

1.     Downtown Comeback 

We have the opportunity to reimagine a Downtown where residents, workers, and visitors can live, work, and play in vibrant centers of activity for all. Looking to DC’s future, the District of Columbia will continue to position itself as a global and forward-thinking leader in the way we choose to serve our residents.

Empowering the District of Columbia to remain a city for people of all ages and at all stages of life means fighting to protect the middle class.  When Washingtonians across all eight wards have access to job opportunities and can afford to build a better life for themselves and their loved ones in the District, our residents and communities are stronger.  

2.     Public Safety 

Public safety serves as a foundation for living a healthy and happy life. We want to create significant, lasting change and not just to reverse these rising trends, but to reduce any type of violence, including gun violence, and ultimately end it.

Continuing to support our residents through investments in education, housing, and economic development will improve the quality of life of residents. 

3.     Education

Schools are the heartbeat of our communities, and every community deserves a great school. Every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential and to pursue their dreams.  This starts with the basics, such as reading, math, and more. 

Recreational activities such as sports, arts, civic engagement, and youth engagement will impact the health and well-being of our residents and students.  

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