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City of Columbia, SC
Budget, Program Management & Grants Office
Hospitality Tax Program FY 20/21
CLOSED  Deadline  5/25/2021
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Hospitality Tax Funding  [hide this]

A 2% Hospitality Tax is collected on all prepared food and beverages sold in the City of Columbia. From revenues collected, the City of Columbia offers funding through the Hospitality Tax Grant program.

  • These funds may be used for organizations/events/programs that promote the attraction of tourism and dining within the city limits.
  • Please pay close attention to the grant guidelines, as they explain organization/program/event eligibility as well as the purpose/procedures associated with Hospitality Tax funding.  A copy of the H-Tax guidelines are located in the "Library" section of ZoomGrants.
  • The H-Tax Committee makes determinations based on the thier award criteria and is subject to change.  Details of criteria are in the Committee Criteria document located in the libray section of this application.
  • All applications must be submitted by the published funding deadline to be considered by the Advisory Committee, and approved by Columbia City Council. Late and incomplete applications will not be considered.

Applications and eligible expenditures will be examined on an individual basis.  Be advised that all materials sumbitted for H-Tax funding are subject to disclosure based on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA.)  By providing electronic initials and submitting the City of Columbia H-Tax application, your orgnaization is agreeing to the Statement of Assurances listed in the application disclaimer.

Organization/Project/Event Eligibility Requirements  [hide this]

In order to receive H-tax funding, organizations/projects/events must meet the following eligibility requirements:

•Organization or fiscal agent must provide proof of their non-profit status with documentation from the South Carolina Secretary of States Office or be exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code whose primary goal is to attract additional visitors through tourism promotion (letter of exemption from the IRS must be provided).

•Organization/Project/Event must be in the City of Columbia limits.

•Organization/Project/Event must promote the attraction of tourist and promote dining in the City of Columbia. Columbia City Council has determined a tourist to be anyone traveling from outside of the city limits.

•All projects/events must be completed during the fiscal year in which they are funded. Fiscal year begins July 1, and ends on June 30.

•Grant funds requested must be for eligible expenditures only (as listed in the eligible expenditures section of the H-Tax Guidelines)

•A completed application must be submitted for consideration by the Hospitality Tax Advisory Committee, and approval by Columbia City Council.

Project Expense Eligibility Criteria  [hide this]

Expenses must be directly in support of one of the 6 purposes of H-tax funding under S.C. Code 6-1-730, and in compliance with the City of Columbia H-tax guidelines.

Funds must be used for tourism related expenses as listed in the guidelines.  Generally eligible expenses are:

  • Advertising/Marketing/Promotions (printing and design expenses for advertising materials, mailings for advertising, marketing firm in lieu of in-house marketing staff)
  • Security (security used for events is allowable)
  • Entertainment (Artist performances fees only, speaker fees only)

Library  [hide this]
DescriptionFile NameDate UploadedFile Type
FY21 Hospitality Tax Grant Guidelines H-TaxGuidelinesFY21FINAL.docx 1/31/2020 1:09:18 PM DOCX
Committee Award Criteria HospitalityTaxCommitteeAwardCriteria.docx 1/31/2020 1:09:53 PM DOCX
IRS W-9 Form IRSW-9Form.pdf 1/31/2020 1:12:27 PM PDF

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The H-tax grant application is meant to determine the project/event, budget, how H-tax dollars will be used, the number of attendees, and the number of tourist. Please answer all application questions in the space provided.

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