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King County, WA
Early Support for Infants and Toddlers RFQ - New Applicants
CLOSED  Deadline  9/17/2019
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Purpose of RFQ  [hide this]
King County’s Developmental Disabilities & Early Childhood Supports Division, along with Best Starts for Kids, are seeking new, qualified organizations to provide Early Support for Infants and Toddlers (ESIT) services as a:
• Full-Service Provider;
• Deaf/Hard of Hearing Provider; or
• Infant Mental Health Provider.
Find the full RFQ in the RFQ Library, titled "FULL ESIT REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS"

RFQ Library (scroll down)  [hide this]
DescriptionFile NameDate UploadedFile Type
RFQ Library Table of Contents RFQLibraryTableofContents.docx 8/7/2019 5:23:10 PM DOCX
2. UDS Executive Summary 2UDSExecutiveSummary.pdf 8/7/2019 5:24:01 PM PDF
3. Glossary 3Glossary.pdf 8/7/2019 5:34:07 PM PDF
4. What is ESIT presentation 4WhatisESITpresentation.pdf 8/7/2019 5:36:51 PM PDF
5. List of King County Providers 5ListofKingCountyESITproviders.pdf 8/7/2019 5:37:11 PM PDF
6. ESIT Funding in King County 6ESITFundinginKingCounty.pdf 8/7/2019 5:37:48 PM PDF
7. ESIT Policies and procedures 7ESITpoliciesandprocedures.pdf 8/7/2019 5:38:45 PM PDF
8. 17 Part C Services 817PartCServices.pdf 8/7/2019 5:38:59 PM PDF
9. Qualified Personnel Guidelines 9Qualified_Personnel_Guidelines.pdf 8/7/2019 5:39:23 PM PDF
11. Organizational Requirements. 11OrganizationalRequirements.pdf 8/8/2019 6:26:23 PM PDF
12. ESIT Contract Template 12ESITContractTemplate.pdf 8/8/2019 6:26:36 PM PDF
13. List of RFQ Questions in Word 13ListofquestionsinWord.docx 8/8/2019 6:26:53 PM DOCX
14. Organizational Requirements Compliance Statement 14OrganizationalRequirementsComplianceStatement.docx 8/8/2019 6:27:17 PM DOCX
15. ESIT Infant Mental Health Provider Staff Table 15ESITInfantMentalHealthProviderStaffTable.docx 8/8/2019 6:27:31 PM DOCX
Info Session Powerpoint RFQPresentation.pdf 8/22/2019 5:19:47 PM PDF
10. ESIT Data Powerpoint - Corrected 10ESITDatapresentation-corrected.pdf 9/5/2019 9:39:11 AM PDF
RFQ Frequently Asked Questions submitted as of 9-11-19 ESITRFQFrequentlyAskedQuestions9-11-19.pdf 9/11/2019 3:39:55 PM PDF

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