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Planning & Development
Planning and Development
2040 Planning and Development Grants (Cycle 11 - 2023)
CLOSED  Deadline  8/11/2023
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Metro’s 2040 Planning and Development Grants program supports a range of local planning projects and activities. The grants facilitate planning for equitable development and redevelopment, promote best practices for engaging diverse communities in public planning and decisions, and help to implement the Portland region’s long term plan for livability, outlined in the 2040 Growth Concept. Since 2006, the 2040 grant program has awarded over $27 million to support more than 120 projects across the region. For more information on 2040 Planning and Development Grants, visit the Metro website. Please see the application handbook at the Metro website for specific guidance regarding the types of eligible projects and instructions for completing an application. If you have questions about your grant application or program, please contact the program manager, Serah Breakstone at If you have questions about ZoomGrants, please use the Help button at the top of the page. For more information, please contact the Help Desk at To ensure that you are receiving emails about your grant, please add to your safe senders list the email address

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Local cities and counties within Metro’s service district may submit applications. Refer to the application handbook for specific details regarding the application process and requirements for each of the grant categories.

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DescriptionFile NameDate UploadedFile Type
Letter of interest template LetterofInterestTemplate.docx 5/10/2023 4:11:09 PM DOCX
Community engagement application template CommunityEngagementApplicationTemplate.docx 5/10/2023 4:12:19 PM DOCX
Concept planning application template ConceptPlanningApplicationTemplate.docx 5/10/2023 4:14:09 PM DOCX
Equitable development application template EquitableDevelopmentApplicationTemplate.docx 5/10/2023 4:14:59 PM DOCX
Industrial readiness application template Industrialreadinessapplicationtemplate.docx 5/24/2023 11:42:40 AM DOCX
Budget table template Budgettabletemplate.xls 5/24/2023 11:43:06 AM XLS

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