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Salt Lake City

2023-24 Capital Improvement Program
CLOSED  Deadline  1/1/2023
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Capital improvement Program  [hide this]

Four elements guide the City in determining the annual schedule of infrastructure improvements and budgets. These elements are the current fiscal year's capital budget, the Capital Facility Plan (CFP), the Impact Fee Facility Plan (IFFP) and the City's Master Plans. The Capital Improvement Program Application form is the basic source of information required of all proposed projects. These projects could be funded within the CIP process utilizing general fund, Class C funds and/or Impact fees. The applications are used by the Community Development Capital Improvement Program Board (CDCIP Board) and CIP Staff in preparing and presenting funding recommendations to the Mayor and City Council during the annual CIP process.

Requirements  [hide this]

Constituent Applications were due 09/30/2022 - Applications must have been submitted online via ZoomGrants™. Incomplete, hand-delivered, emailed, mailed, faxed, or late applications will not be accepted.

** If an application question is not applicable to your project and/or is undetermined at time of submission, please respond with N/A and those details can be completed during collaboration with City staff. (Oct-Dec) 

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