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Washington State Dept. of Commerce
Commerce Community Capital Facilities
Community Capital Facilities
2023-2025 Building for the Arts
CLOSED  Deadline  6/23/2022
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Instructions  [hide this]

1. Please read the entire application carefully and then take and submit the Eligibility Test. This must be approved by staff before you can continue to the next steps of the application.

2. Due to a large and growing number of applications received, we must strictly enforce the following format rules: application responses must be typed into the ZoomGrants system. You can cut and paste text into the answer boxes to make it easier. Please do not create your own document as we will not be accepting paper/emailed applications. Applications not using ZoomGrants will not be reviewed. Edit your answers so they are as clear and concise as possible. Reviewers have only a few weeks to read a great number of applications, so they appreciate it when applicants make it easier for them to find needed information.

3. The application must be certified by a member of the applicant’s board or its executive director using the Certification Form in the 'Documents' tab and uploaded into your application.

4. Upload three Recommendation Surveys from stakeholders directly involved with the community needs your project is responding to using the Certification Form in the 'Documents' tab. One of these surveys must be from a county or local government your organizations works with regularly.

5. Applicants should also upload the following using the "Documents" Tab:

*The most recent annual report or publication describing your organization.

*A current, board-approved financial statement or most recent audit report prepared, compiled or reviewed by a Certified Public Accountant independent of the applicant’s organization (must include a balance sheet).

*If you have not already submitted a “LEED Certification Declaration” to us, please download and include one with your application. You are required to fill this out regardless of whether you are seeking a LEED certification exemption.

*Brief documentation of all individual sources of funding over $10,000. *Proof of current registration as a Washington state nonprofit. *A W-9 form from the IRS (which lists your taxpayer identification number).

*The most current completed copy of IRS form 990, if available.

*Proof of site control (e.g., an executed property deed or lease agreement, see Section 3.5 in the 2023-2025 BFA Grant Guidelines).

*If the project is a partnership, upload a copy of an executed agreement that defines the relationship between the parties. See Page 6 in the 2023-2025 BFA Grant Guidelines for information that must be included.

6. Applicants may also upload a copy of the following (in the 'Documents tab' of ZoomGrants) if available:

*A prepared fundraising feasibility plan;

*A prepared project feasibility study; and

*A prepared operations (business) plan.


*Be sure to read the 2023-2025 BFA Grant Guidelines before you start filling out the application. Please keep your application simple and focus on the fundamentals:

*Be concise but fully responsive to all questions;

*You must answer all questions. If the question(s) do not apply please select N/A or type Not Applicable and provide an explanation as to why that question does not apply;

*Whenever possible ground your arguments in facts and data;

*Make sure all of your numbers are correct (in some cases the application will do the math for you) and that they are adequately labeled;

*Answer the questions accurately and honestly;

*Please follow the instructions. For example, if the question asks you to describe the scope of your project, don’t emphasize why it is needed (another question addresses that topic);

*Note that the advisory board includes grant officers from major foundations. The caliber of your application could influence your organization’s credibility with funding sources beyond our program;

*Your project’s scope of work cannot be significantly changed once we receive your application. This is one of a number of reasons why you may consider waiting until the next grant funding cycle (2025-2027 Biennium) if your project is currently at an early stage of development;

*We will be contacting you via email from the address "" so please make sure this address does not get caught in your spam filter;

*When in doubt, ask us questions! The ideal time to begin talking to us is before you start writing your application. Please call our staff at (360) 725-3075, or email us at with any program questions you may have. Also, we strongly encourage you to attend or view an online BFA Workshop (see Guidelines).

*For technical assistance with the ZoomGrants application (uploading documents, etc.) please contact or call 866-323-5404 x2. Thanks for reading and good luck!

Requirements  [hide this]

Applicants must be a Tribe or a nonprofit registered with the State of Washington. Projects must assist nonprofit organizations in acquiring, constructing, or rehabilitating performing arts, art museums, and cultural facilities.

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Please fill out this short summary of your project.

When listing a Project Name do not begin with "The" and do not use "capital campaign," this grant funds a specific project and cannot be used for operating campaign costs.

When proposing a Requested Amount only use capital costs when calculating your Project Budget. Operating costs are not eligible.

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