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City of Saint Paul
Planning and Economic Development
2021 Cultural STAR Program
Deadline  5/14/2021
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2021 Cultural STAR Program  [hide this]

The purpose of the Cultural STAR Program is to promote cultural vitality and economic growth, particularly in the downtown Cultural District, by strengthening the arts and cultural community. Cultural STAR dollars are intended to:

  • Build and diversify audiences
  • Promote a broad range of cultural offerings
  • Produce a long term impact, and
  • Leverage additional financial support.

The Cultural STAR program will achieve these purposes by making grants and loans for projects and programs that: attract audiences; develop and improve cultural facilities; and build capacity of artists and cultural organizations.

The funding source is from a half-cent sales tax, 10% of which is designated for the Cultural STAR program annually.

There are three different Cultural STAR grant programs:

  • Special Projects
  • Organizational Development
  • Capital Projects.

Please review the complete guidelines and eligibility requirements at:

Requirements  [hide this]

Please see the complete guidelines and eligibility requirements at: In addition, all application questions must be answered, unless otherwise stated, and all required documentation must be attached before your application is considered complete. Completed applications must be submitted through by 4:00 pm on May 14, 2021. Technical ZoomGrants questions should be sent to The Technical Support desk can be reached at (866)323-5404 x2 and is staffed from 9am - 6pm CST.

Restrictions  [hide this]

Please see the complete guidelines and eligibility requirements at:

An applicant is only allowed to be awarded funding from the Cultural STAR Program once in a calendar year, except Saint Paul-based nonprofit organizations located outside the Cultural District, which may apply twice per round, and receive funding up to two times per calendar year - once for projects taking place outside the Cultural District and once for projects taking place in the Cultural District.

An applicant may receive funding for an organizational development/special project three years in a row, and then must take a year off.

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