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City of Roseville

2022/2023 ARPA Grant Funding
CLOSED  Deadline  8/12/2022
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With the approval of the Fiscal Year 2022-23 Budget, City Council allocated $1 million from the ARPA revenue loss fund to support projects, programs and service grants to the Roseville community.  To disburse funds, the City will utilize the Grants Advisory Commission (GAC) and its grant award process. 

The $1 million in grant funding will be distributed over the next three fiscal years as follows:

  • FY 22/23 - $350,000 – to be distributed immediately, with an expedited cycle
  • FY 23/24 - $350,000 – to be added to 23/24 GAC funding cycle
  • FY 24/25 - $300,000 – to be added to 24/25 GAC funding cyclef

Projects and programs must still fall within the five social determinates of health but some adjustments will be made, contingent on final Council approval, to the typical funding categories.  Given the recent award of Community Benefits Funds (CBF) and Roseville Employees Annual Charitable Hearts (REACH) funds, adjustments were made to ensure these additional grant funds do not duplicate programs, projects or services recently funded. 

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