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Clark County, NV
Community Resources Management Division
Clark County ESG 2019/2020
CLOSED  Deadline  12/3/2018
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Funding Description  [hide this]
The ESG Program is administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and is authorized by the McKinney-Vento Act and amended by the HEARTH Act. The purpose of the ESG Program is to provide funding to:
Engage homeless individuals and families living on the street, improve the number and quality of emergency shelters for homeless individuals and families, help operate shelters, rapidly re-house homeless individuals and families, and prevent families and individuals from becoming homeless.
ESG funds administered by Clark County are being made available to eligible nonprofit organizations that provide critical services to individuals and families that are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Southern Nevada.
This grant cycle there will be an emphasis on funding projects that serve these IDENTIFIED NEEDS: shelter facilities and rapid rehousing programs serving victims of domestic violence, youth and transition age youth, and INTACT families. Organizations awarded funds through this application are required to receive individuals and families through the coordinated intake process and utilize HMIS for data entry.

Application Requirements  [hide this]

Please have the authorized representative of your Board of Directors review the application.
By submitting the application, you are certifying that the governing body of your organization has duly authorized the application for these federal funds. In addition, you are certifying that your organization:
a) Has the institutional, managerial, and financial capacity (including cash reserves to cover up to three (3) months of program operations) to plan, manage and complete the program as described in this application, and
b) Will administer the grant in compliance with ESG Regulations and 2 CFR Part 200.

Restrictions  [hide this]

Clark County will only accept applications for low barrier shelters and rapid rehousing programs accepting referrals from the Coordinated Entry Program focusing on domestic violence, INTACT families, and youth/transition age youth.

Library  [hide this]

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Exhibit 1 Application Instructions Exhibit1Instructions.pdf 10/25/2018 12:11:24 PM PDF
Exhibit 2 Glossary Exhibit2Glossary.pdf 10/25/2018 12:11:52 PM PDF
Exhibit 3 Income Limits Exhibit3ESG2018INCOMELIMITS.pdf 10/25/2018 12:12:15 PM PDF
Attachment: Consolidated Plan ConsolidatedPlanFinalMin.pdf 10/25/2018 12:12:48 PM PDF
Attachment: ESG Law, Regulations, and Notices ESGRegulations.pdf 10/25/2018 12:13:19 PM PDF
Written Standards FY2019ESGWRITTENSTANDARDwithTOC.pdf 10/25/2018 12:15:09 PM PDF
REVISED Clark County ESG 19/20 Application Manual REVISEDClarkCountyESG20192020ApplicationManual.pdf 11/14/2018 9:45:48 AM PDF

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