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City of Dublin
PCS - Human Services Division
Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Human Services Grant Program
CLOSED  Deadline  1/19/2022
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The City of Dublin Human Services Grant Program provides financial support to local not-for-profit organizations serving Dublin residents through designated funding sources. Each year the Dublin City Council awards funding to organizations that best meet the community’s human services needs in keeping with program guidelines and as outlined in the 2011 Tri-Valley Human Services Needs Assessment. The Dublin City Council, at their October 20, 2015 meeting, provided direction that the grants program emphasize funding programs specifically directed towards human service needs. As such, the City Council decided that going forward, grants will not be awarded to arts or educational programs, but will be focused on the most critical human services needs such as health care, food and nutrition, homelessness, child care, etc. The Human Services Grant Program includes a competitive application process, mandatory participation in meetings and presentations to the Human Services Commission, and strict financial and other reporting requirements. TYPICAL FUNDING SOURCES • General Fund • Affordable Housing Fund • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Recipients receiving City General Fund and Affordable Housing Fund grants are required to report activity on a mid-year and year-end basis. Recipients receiving United States Housing & Urban Development (HUD) CDBG funds are required to report activity quarterly, verifying income and collect demographic data of those benefiting from funding. Additionally, CDBG requires that residents benefiting from this funding source must be at or below 80% of Area Median Income (AMI). Income requirements can be found at the City of Dublin website at Specific reporting requirements and other responsibilities will be included in the contracts that accompany all grants awards. In addition, recipients must register their agency with 2-1-1, as appropriate. GRANT FUNDING AMOUNTS The Dublin City Council has established the following funding criteria: - Minimum application amount: $3,500 - Maximum application amount: $25,000 General Fund: For FY 2022-23, Staff estimates $160,000 will be allocated for this grant program (based on last year's funding amount and subject to change). The City of Dublin’s funding for this program is not guaranteed and requires City Council approval. Affordable Housing Fund: Staff estimates $8,000 will be allocated for this grant program (based on last year's funding amount and subject to change). The City of Dublin’s funding for this program is not guaranteed and requires City Council approval. CDBG: The City of Dublin may receive Federal CDBG funds from Alameda County as part of a coalition of cities. Available funding for this funding cycle is estimated to be approximately $92,000. Funds are not guaranteed and may decrease from the initial estimate based on federal funding allocations. Changes to the program and/or estimated funding amount will be communicated once known. CDBG REQUIREMENTS An organization receiving CDBG funding must collect the necessary income and household data from participants that receive services. At least 75% of participants must be at or below 80% AMI. All CDBG subrecipients must obtain a DUNS number and register with System for Award Management (SAM). Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) requires that all CDBG grantees develop a Limited English Proficiency/Language Access Plan (LEP/LAP) to determine language translation needs for limited English speaking residents to encourage access to services and housing. As a result, agencies applying for CDBG funds must provide detailed information on Limited-English populations served and language access accommodations and outreach for Limited English speaking clients. INSTRUCTIONS TO COMPLETE THIS APPLICATION: 1. The City will ONLY accept applications submitted online through the ZoomGrants system. The City will not accept hard copy, fax, or emailed applications. 2. Applicants must attend a City of Dublin Grants Program Application Workshop. The dates/times are listed on our website at Attendance at one workshop is mandatory in order to qualify for funding. 3. COMPLETED APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY THE APPLICATION DEADLINE OF 11:59 PM ON WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19, 2022. It is the responsibility of each applying agency to allow ample time to submit your application before the deadline. 4. If your agency is requesting funding for more than one project or program, a separate electronic application must be submitted for each project/program. Question #25 on the application will ask you to RANK the priority of funding for each program or project submitted. For example, if an agency has multiple program/project applications (which may or may not be administered by the same person), those program managers within the agency must communicate with each other to RANK the priority of funding for each application. There should be only one #1, #2 etc. 5. You must indicate if you are requesting funding for Capital Improvements or Public Services. If you are requesting funds for both you must submit separate applications for each funding type. The City of Dublin will determine which funding source best fits your project and provide that recommendation to the City's Human Services Commission. Final awards will be granted by the City Council. 6. You are required to answer each application question. If a question does not apply, please answer with "N/A" , "0", or check the "Not Applicable" box. 7. Please visit the City's website ( to download additional grant application supporting documents including the Rating Criteria, Dublin's Mission and Vision Statements, Critical Program Dates, the 2011 Eastern Alameda County Needs Assessment Report and CDBG Income Limits for 2018. 8. IMPORTANT NOTE: The ZoomGrants System will allow you to submit your application without attaching the REQUIRED documents; however, if you fail to upload and submit the required documents, your application will be deemed "INCOMPLETE" and WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR FUNDING. APPLICATION REVIEW AND FUNDING RECOMMENDATION PROCESS: 1. The City of Dublin Human Service Commission will review all funding proposals (tentatively) at 7:00 PM on Thursday, March 24, 2022. All applicants must be present at that time to present a brief 3-minute presentation on their funding request. Dublin Staff will evaluate all applications based on a set of Rating Criteria which is posted on the City's web site at 2. All agencies submitting an application are required to send a representative to this meeting who is knowledgeable about the application, organization, and program and is able to answer questions from commission members. Responses will be evaluated as part of the funding recommendation process. 3. Tentatively, Staff expects to present funding recommendations to the City Council in April, 2022. 4. If your agency is awarded grant funding, you will receive an Agreement that must be executed prior to encumbering funds on July 1, 2022. If you require assistance or have questions about the application please email HumanServices@Dublin.Ca.Gov 

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