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City of Fort Collins
Water Conservation

2021 XIP Grants for HOA and Commercial Properties
CLOSED  Deadline  4/9/2021
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Application Steps  [hide this]

The Xeriscape Incentive Program (XIP) for HOA and Commercial properties promotes projects that convert high-water use landscapes to regionally adapted water-wise landscapes. If awarded, customers may receive $1.50/square foot of area converted, up to $15,000 per project. A limited number of grants will be awarded. Distribution of grant funds will require awardees to submit invoices documenting project expenses. Water Conservation will hold 25% of funding until the awardee submits final project completion report. Visit for a comprehensive summary of the grant and evaluation criteria.

Dates and Deadlines

  • Pre-applications due Mar. 12.
  • Full applications due April 9.
  • Awards will be announced via email in May 2021.
  • If selected, project must be substantially completed by Oct. 15, 2021.
  • If selected, final report due Dec. 31, 2021.

Steps to complete application:

  1. Complete the Contact Information page.
  2. Complete and submit the pre-application as soon as possible. The last date to submit a pre-application is March 12.
  3. Your pre-application will be reviewed within approximately one week of submittal. Please factor this into your timeline for submitting a full application by April 9, 2021.
  4. If the pre-application is approved, applicants will be notified via email and the full application will be made available in ZoomGrants. Approved pre-applications require scheduling an initial site visit. XIP Staff will reach out to applicants to schedule. If the pre-application is not approved, XIP Staff will contact applicants to discuss other possible programs that could support the proposed project. 
  5. Complete the full application.
  6. Upload all required documents to the documents page.
  7. Submit full application and documents by April 9, 2021.
  8. Awards will be announced in May 2021 via email. There are a limited number of awards and funding is limited. If your application is not selected, staff will contact you to discuss other applicable programs or steps.

Eligibility Requirements   [hide this]

To verify eligibility, pre-applications must be submitted by March 12, 2021.  Pre-application review takes one week. 

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Applicants must be a non-residential Fort Collins Utilities Water customer (e.g. HOA and multifamily sprinkler taps and commercial properties).
  2. Applicants must provide a financial match at least equivalent to the XIP grant amount received. In-kind services will not be counted toward the match; however, an applicant can use other grant funding sources.
  3. All projects must involve conversion of high-water-use area(s) to water-wise landscape. Irrigation-only projects will not be considered.
  4. If selected for XIP funding, project must be substantially completed with final inspection and establishment plan completed by Oct. 15, 2021.

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Awards are based on $1.50/square foot of area converted, with a maximum award amount of $15,000. Applicants must provide a financial match at least equivalent to the XIP grant amount received.

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