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City of Chandler
City of Chandler, AZ
FY 2020-2021 Application
CLOSED  Deadline  8/5/2020
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DescriptionFile NameDate UploadedFile Type
General Fund Overview 2019INFOOverviewofGeneralFund.pdf 10/21/2019 3:08:05 PM PDF
CDBG and HOME Overview 2020-21INFOOverviewofCDBGandHOME.pdf 10/21/2019 3:13:21 PM PDF
Tentative Timeline City-of-Chandler-2019-GRAPHIC-Timeline-October-2019.pdf 10/21/2019 3:14:20 PM PDF
2019 Community Needs Assessment: Executive Summary LINK 10/21/2019 3:15:36 PM LINK
2019 Community Needs Assessment: Full Report LINK 10/21/2019 3:16:19 PM LINK
2015-2019 Consolidated Plan: Executive Summary FY15-19ConPlanExecSummaryFINAL.pdf 10/21/2019 3:17:17 PM PDF
2015-2019 Consolidated Plan: Full Report LINK 10/21/2019 3:18:01 PM LINK
2019-2020 Annual Action Plan LINK 10/21/2019 3:18:32 PM LINK
Certification for General Fund Applicants 2019FORMCertificationforGeneralFund.pdf 10/21/2019 3:19:56 PM PDF
Certification for CDBG and HOME Applicants 2019FORMCertificationforCDBG-HOME.pdf 10/21/2019 3:20:31 PM PDF
General Fund Grantee Expectations 2019INFOGeneralFundGranteeExpectations.pdf 10/21/2019 3:20:59 PM PDF
CDBG and HOME Subrecipient Expectations 2019INFOCDBGandHOMESubrecipientExpectations.pdf 10/21/2019 3:35:53 PM PDF
CDBG HUD National Objectives and Eligible Activities LINK 10/21/2019 3:39:07 PM LINK
HOME Program Eligible Activities LINK 10/21/2019 3:39:37 PM LINK
CDBG HUD Regulations: 24 CFR, Part 570 LINK 10/21/2019 3:40:08 PM LINK
HOME HUD Regulations: 24 CFR, Part 92 LINK 10/21/2019 3:40:49 PM LINK
Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards: 2 CFR, Part 200 LINK 10/21/2019 3:41:25 PM LINK
Playing by the Rules: A Handbook for CDBG Subrecipients on Administrative Systems LINK 10/21/2019 3:41:58 PM LINK
CDBG Income Limits LINK 10/21/2019 3:42:46 PM LINK
HOME Income and Rental Limits LINK 10/21/2019 3:43:18 PM LINK
HOME Homeownership Value Limits LINK 10/21/2019 3:43:54 PM LINK
HOME Maximum Per-Unit Subsidy Limits LINK 10/21/2019 3:44:23 PM LINK
Integrity Bulletin: Procurement & Contracting ProcurementIntegrityBulletin.pdf 10/21/2019 3:44:52 PM PDF
Application Questions in Word Format 2019APPLICATIONQuestions.docx 10/31/2019 9:32:58 AM DOCX
Fiscal Management Assessment for CDBG-HOME 2020-2021FORMFiscalManagementAssessmentforCDBG-HOME.pdf 11/8/2019 12:52:22 PM PDF
Insurance Requirements 2019FORMInsuranceRequirements.pdf 11/12/2019 3:55:06 PM PDF
Contractor Employment Record Verification 2019FORMContractorEmploymentRecordVerification.pdf 11/12/2019 3:55:45 PM PDF

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