DC Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants

Private Security Camera Incentive Program
Deadline  12/31/2035
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To submit a complete rebate application, applicants are required to respond to all application questions; provide proof of purchase of the security camera system detailing the number of cameras, cost, and proof of payment; and provide documentation of registration of the security camera system with the DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD).

In the Contact Info section, provide the name and address of the individual or organization to which the rebate check should be mailed. 

A rebate is available for the actual cost of an individual camera (up to $200) with a maximum rebate of $500 for residential properties (homes, apartments, condominiums, home offices, etc.) and $750 for all other addresses. The rebate is for the cost of the actual cameras installed on the exterior of the property, including sales tax, installation, accessories, and storage are not covered.   Example #1: Cost of 2 camera system $340 + sales tax $20.40 = $360.40; your rebate request $360.40. Example #2: Cost of two-camera system $400.00 + sales tax $24 = $424; your rebate request $400. Example #3: Cost of [first camera $150.00 + sales tax $9 = $159.00] plus [second camera $250.00 + sales tax $15 = $424.00]; your rebate request $359.00 ($159 +$200). Example #4: Cost of 2 camera system $300.00 + mounts $15.00 + video storage $30 + shipping $5.00 + sales tax $21.00 = $371.00; your rebate request $318.00 ($300.00 + $18.00 (6% tax on camera)). Example #5: Cost of 4 camera system (3 cameras installed) $400 + sales tax $24 = $424; your rebate request $318.00 (cost per camera = $106 x 3 cameras installed ($424/4 x 3)).

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