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City of Las Vegas - Neighborhood Services
Department of Neighborhood Services
FY2023-2024 NPF
CLOSED  Deadline  4/30/2023
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Description  [hide this]

The Neighborhood Partners Fund grant (NPF) is designed to assist in improving the quality of life in City of Las Vegas neighborhoods.  The objectives of NPF are:

  • Increase participation and cooperation among neighborhood residents, businesses, and the city.
  • Support emerging and established city-registered Neighborhood Associations working on significant neighborhood issues and concerns through achievable projects.
  • Empower registered neighborhood-based associations to effectively plan and implement programs that address neighborhood needs.

The program grants up to $5,000 to registered neighborhood-based associations for self-help projects that will improve the physical, public safety, cultural, recreational, or educational conditions of their neighborhood. Grants are available for projects that address a meaningful neighborhood need that improves the community.

In order to qualify, registered neighborhood-based associations will have to match the City’s contribution with any combination of volunteer time, donated goods and/or services and/or financial contributions, provided that each match element is truly needed to complete the project.  Projects are required to take place within the boundaries of the City of Las Vegas and the applying neighborhood association must involve neighborhood residents in all phases of the project.  Funding must not be used to fund a neighborhood association’s operating budget or other City services.  The City of Las Vegas is not responsible for repairing or up keeping any project.  The neighborhood association will assume all responsibility. 

All registered neighborhood-based associations are eligible to receive funds provided that the following conditions are met.  A neighborhood-based association is one with a majority of its members residing or operating businesses in a defined geographical area commonly recognized as a neighborhood, and whose purpose is to improve the quality of life in that area. 

The association must be registered with the City of Las Vegas.  Please contact the Department of Neighborhood Services at 702.229.2346 or if you are unsure whether or not your neighborhood is registered with the city or if you would like to discuss whether or not your project may be eligible. 

Requirements  [hide this]


  • Must provide a public, neighborhood benefit.
  • Must involve neighborhood residents in the identification, planning, and execution of the proposed activity.
  • Must be able to be completed by March 30, 2024.
  • Must conform to applicable health, safety, and legal regulations.
  • Requires dollar per dollar value match (including cash, donated supplies and materials, and volunteer labor), provided that each match element is truly needed to complete the project.  Volunteer time is valued at $29.95 per hour, but the value changes every year.  To ensure neighborhood involvement in the Neighborhood Partners Fund, at least 25 percent of the matching amount must be volunteer hours from neighbors that reside in your neighborhood.
  • Cannot support an ongoing service or support ongoing operating budgets of associations.
  • Cannot duplicate an existing private or public program, or supplement a current program or service being offered by the city of Las Vegas. 
  • Any project awarded funding through the Neighborhood Partners Fund is responsible for ensuring compliance with ALL City of Las Vegas standards, policies, requirements, and stipulations related to the implementation of their programming and/or projects.  

Restrictions  [hide this]


  • Direct subsidy of existing services by associations.
  • Projects benefiting an indiviual or individual property only; projects that do not benefit the majority of the neighborhood residents. 
  • Direct subsidy of care for the medically indigent.
  • Projects that supplement an existing program or services already being provided by the city of Las Vegas.
  • Projects identified with political parties of any kind.
  • Projects proposed by a for-profit association.
  • General contributions to capital campaigns.
  • Operating deficits or retirement of debt.
  • Endowment programs.
  • Commercial housing or construction projects.
  • Overhead costs.
  • Salaries or wages.
  • Direct donations to other organizations.
  • Gift cards.
  • Any other cost the City of Las Vegas considers unacceptable.

Application Guidelines  [hide this]
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Only neighborhood or homeowners associations that are registered with the city of Las Vegas are eligible to apply for this grant.  Please provide your neighborhood association's full name or your homeowners association's legal name when the application asks for the:

  • HOA/Neighborhood Association Name
  • Organization Legal Name/Entity Name

Do not put the names of community management companies, 501(c)3 nonprofits, or for-profit companies.  They are not eligible to apply. 

This is a matching grant so your association must provide volunteer hours, donations and/or cash equal to or greater than the amount of your grant request. The maximum grant request is $5,000.

If you are unsure whether or not your association is registered with the city of Las Vegas, please contact the Department of Neighborhood Services at 702.229.2179 or

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