Availability of a Waiver and Alternate Requirement for the CAPER for CPD Grant Programs in Response to the Spread of Coronavirus
Source: HUD

White House Open to Loosening Rules for State and Local Aid Funds, Mnuchin Says
By Bill Lucia / Route Fifty

HUD Allocates more than $75 Million in Fourth Wave of CARES Act Funding to Assist People Living with Disabilities
Source: HUD

National League of Cities Responds to HEROES Act House Proposal
Source: NLC

Covid-19 Has Imperiled the Future of Cleveland and its Downtown, and We Need Visionaries Now Who Can Lead Discussions on a New Tomorrow
Like the meteor that ended the reign of the dinosaurs on this planet, COVID-19 slammed into the downtowns of American cities such as Cleveland six weeks ago with an impact that no one saw coming.
Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

More Productive from Home: Governments Learn to Love Remote Work
Despite some hurdles, government through remote work is performing better than expected. It will likely lead to permanent changes in everything from labor management and technology to physical footprints.
By Alan Greenblatt /

Recruiting and Retaining During a Pandemic
Source: Government Executive



Finding Sanity During an Insane Time
Source: Engaging Local Government Leaders

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“In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our ZoomGrants team has been all hands on deck to assure every grant administrator is supplied the tools to perform their important daily activities.” Geoff Hamilton, ZoomGrants Founder & CEO
If you are an organization expediting CARES ACT grants, ZoomGrants has dozens of examples of some of those grant applications which have already been launched: If you would like to learn more about how your community can execute CARES ACT grant applications with rapid response contact our team. We are here to help you be as responsive as possible in this challenging time.
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