We at ZoomGrants strive to relieve burdens associated with grantmaking and provide a solution that reduces the societal impacts that the unforeseen events of COVID-19 have brought on. Our goal is to help lift up and empower the grant community, so that you can in turn be there to support those most deeply impacted by the current crisis at hand.

As a small business that is familiar to working remotely from day one, it was still a shock when our own team was directly impacted by the virus. Fortunately we are blessed that our team members are among the survivors, and we stand by ready to assist you… from a safe distance… so that you can focus on helping those who rely on you.

We are grateful for what you do in your community, and for the opportunity to work with you to achieve your grantmaking priorities. Please reach out to us if there is anything we can assist you with, and please… be safe out there.


Geoff Hamilton, CEO

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ZoomGrants is focused on your grantmaking needs so you can focus on your community.

COVID-19 Programs Hosted by ZoomGrants

These are examples of some of the various types of programs from other organizations that are currently under construction or have already been released to the public.  If you see something useful for your community whether it’s with existing funds or CARES Act funding, we can copy any of these programs into your account, helping you be responsive in this challenging time.  This list will continue to expand, so check back for updates.